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AEBoard Electric Skateboards

About AEBoard Electric Skateboards

AEBoard strives to design high-quality electric skateboards to provide you with a phenomenal skating experience. 

The AEBoard range caters for all electric skateboarding needs. They feature several lightning quick boards, such as the AE2 and the portable AX Mini, which are both perfect for cruising round the city. If you are looking for a powerful and resilient electric skateboard to ride off-road, the AT2 All-Terrain is ideal for you. AEBoard have several bestselling boards, such as their AX3, which is great for thrill seeking riders with its top speeds of 34mph. There is no better way to experience long-range, zero-emission travel.

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AEBoard Bestsellers

AEBoard AE2 Product Page

AEBoard AE2

The AEBoard AE2 e-board is their most popular traditional longboard for all tier riders. Weighing only 19lbs, this eboard can still generate immense speed between 22-29 mph. Great load capacity and Canadian deck for carving.

Top Features Include:

  • 25-29 mph top speed
  • 18-mile range
  • 330 lbs payload capacity
  • Dual hub motors

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AEBoard G5 Product Page

AEBoard G5

The AEBoard G5 is a smaller and newer model compared to its peers. A great longboard with an easy rider feels for beginners looking to carve, commute to and from class or get an intro to e-boarding! Galaxy deck tape included.

Top Features Include:

  • 6.2-mile range
  • Regenerative braking
  • Weight: 12 lbs
  • 15% hill climbing capabilities

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AEBoard AX3 Product Page

AEBoard AX3

The AEBoard AX3 electric skateboard, is their top model for performance and resilience, and is built for riders looking for a little more excitement out of their rides! Sturdy carbon fiber decking and 3 ride modes, with an immense top speed.

Top Features Include:

  • 33 mph top speed
  • Regenerative braking
  • 2x 800W motors
  • 330 lbs payload capacity

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AEBoard Prices & Reviews

AEBoard AX3 Electric Skateboard

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