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Backfire Electric Skateboards

Backfire Electric Skateboards For Sale


BACKFIRE, as a leading product developer in the industry, is always striving to create high performance electric skateboards to provide you with a top-quality and exciting skating experience. With an excellent range of boards to select from, Backfire have ensured that your next electric skateboard will be an unforgettable one.

With the rising trend of e-boards in urban environments across the globe, the Backfire brand is at the forefront of the industry. They feature several top selling boards, such as the Backfire G3 and the portable Backfire Mini, which are perfect for cruising round the city. If you are into more off-road electric boarding, the Backfire X2 Ranger is perfect for you! With top speeds of 22 mph and 6.5” all-terrain tires, this board suits all those who are seeking an adventure off the beaten track. There is no better way to experience long-range travel.

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Backfire G2 Black Electric Skateboard – Bestselling E-Board

Backfire G2 Black

About the Backfire G2 Black

The Backfire G2 Black electric longboard is a top selling budget e-board made by industry pioneers Backfire Board. Backfire’s cheap but premium performance electric skateboard has a traditional longboard feel, an awesome e-board grip tape graphic and top performing specifications. An EBC customer favorite electric skateboard with its extended range and high speeds – this electric skateboard also makes for the perfect gift.

Top features include:

✓ 24 mph top speed

✓ Wireless remote controller

✓ 12.5-mile max range

✓ Customer favorite

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Backfire Prices & Reviews

Backfire G2 Black Electric Skateboard

$419.00 $499.00
SAVE $80.00

Backfire Mini Electric Skateboard

Sold Out $699.00
SAVE $100.00
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