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Bixpy Swimjet & Outboard Motors

Bixpy Swimjet & Outboard Motors For Sale

Bixpy water scooters are industry pioneers in not only providing you with the leading quality underwater scooters, but a success rate that brings happiness and joy to your next lake side adventure.

Bixpy products include the most popular Bixpy Outboard Kit, powered by the J-1 water jet and a rechargeable battery. Suitable for those looking for a portable water motor to fuel their SUP, kayak, paddle board and raft, the Bixpy Outboard Motor comes with various attachments to tailor your needs.

The. Customer favorite and beach or lakeside companion is the Bixpy Swimjet. The J-1 water jet by Bixpy can take you underwater on new adventures you wouldn’t believe. Ergonomically friendly with a trigger-controlled accelerator, the Bixpy Swimjet is a bestseller. This Swimjet also has a 2-hour battery life!

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Bixpy - Bestselling Outboard Motor

Radinn Carve

The bestselling outboard motor kit we feature is the World famous Bixpy J-1 Jet powered outboard motor. Built to propel small boats, SUP’s (stand up paddle boards), kayaks and fishing boats, the Bixpy motor is the perfect small electric boat motor.

Top features include: 

  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery.
  • Multiple rudder attachments.
  • 10-hour battery life (slow speed).
  • Wireless Remote Control.
  • Ships from the US.

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Bixpy Swimjet & Outboard Motors – Prices & Reviews
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