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Ecotric Electric Bikes

About Ecotric Electric Bikes

Ecotric have created some of the most popular e-bike products on the market today. Designing premium quality electric bikes to suit all styles of rider.

With the rise in demand for electric bikes, Ecotric is at the forefront of the e-bike industry. If you are into off-road biking, the Ecotric all-terrain electric bike range, such as the Fat Tire or Rocket, are perfect for you! With their high top speeds and 4” all-terrain tires, these bikes suit all those who are seeking an adventure off the beaten track. Ecotric’s foldable bikes, including the 48V Foldable, also ensure that those of you with more practical needs can take your bike into your office, classroom, in the car or on the train with ease.

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Ecotric Bestsellers

Ecotric Fat Tire Product Page

Ecotric Fat Tire

The Ecotric Fat tire electric bike is Ecotric’s top seller. An affordable fat tire and great all-round e-bike for a wide variety of users. Comfortable with mid-level range and large thick tires to combat rocky urban roads or all-terrain trails.

Top Features Include:

  • 35-mile range
  • 265 lbs weight capacity
  • Pedal-assist and on-demand throttle
  • Tektro Disc brakes

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Ecotric Rocket 2.0 Product Page

Ecotric Rocket

An upgrade from the Ecotric Fat Tire model, the Rocket boasts a slightly sleeker and step-thru framework design. Suitable for off-road riders, and weekend riders looking to explore and adventure. Boasts 5-star customer feedback.

Top Features Include:

  • 500W motor
  • On board LCD Display
  • 35-mile range
  • Weight capacity: 265 lbs

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Ecotric Vortex Product Page

Ecotric Vortex

Featuring a light blue design and the new Nanrobot frame style, the Nanrobot Lightning model is perfect for customers looking for power, range and control all in one. Weighing 67 lbs and featuring 2 hydraulic shock absorbers.

Top Features Include:

  • Weight: 57 lbs
  • 350W motor
  • 30-mile range
  • 7-speed Shimano derailleur

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ECOTRIC Prices & Reviews

ECOTRIC Vortex Electric Bike

$659.99 $799.99
SAVE $140.00

ECOTRIC Rocket Fat Tire Electric Bike

$1,099.99 $1,499.00
SAVE $399.01

ECOTRIC Tornado Electric Bike

$1,579.99 $2,480.00
SAVE $900.01