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Electric Dirt Bikes

Electric Dirt Bikes for Sale

MotoTec Electric Bike Collection Page

Electric Dirt Bikes are the newest way to tackle all-terrain jumps and tracks. Without the noise and the rumble of fuel engines, e-dirt bikes have taken over as faster, renewable ways of riding off road at all levels.

Featuring top electric dirt bikes for kids, by industry pioneer MotoTec. Varying in speed, endurance and size depending on your level or rider (24V-48V), the MotoTec Demon electric dirt bike remains a customer favorite. Also boasting pneumatic tires and shock suspension on all models to ensure maximum comfort in all riding conditions. The perfect gift for off-road enthusiasts or for your kid looking for their first ride in the mud!

Featuring 5-star feedback from all our EBC riders, and review videos included with all products. Contact an expert today and find the perfect electric dirt bike. Speak to an expert at 1-877-347-5283.

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