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Electric Longboards


About Electric Longboards

The electric longboard can be a great way to navigate a college campus or find a faster way of urban commuting. Electric longboards can be usefully stored in tight out of the way places in your home, under your work desk, or on public transport.

Leading product developers in the industry, such as Meepo and Exway have designed high-performance electric longboards to provide you with a top-quality and exciting skating experience. These brands feature several bestselling e-boards that are fantastic for commuters looking for a time and cost-effective way to get to and from work. Alternatively, if you are into more off-road electric boarding, AEBoard and Evolve have produced longboards that would be ideal for you! With top speeds of 25 mph and all-terrain tires, these boards suit all those who are seeking an adventure off the beaten track. 

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Bestselling Electric Longboards

Evolve Bamboo GTR 2 in 1 Product Page

Evolve Bamboo GTR 2 in 1 - $1449

The Evolve GTR Series is the most famous and high-quality e-board series on the market. The 2 in 1 Bamboo edition boasts an additional conversion kit for those looking to ride off-road and on the streets at all levels. Various ride modes for all levels.

Top Features Include:

  • Bamboo/Fiberglass board decking
  • Dual 1500W motors
  • Evolve precision bearings
  • Street conversion kit included

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Exway Flex Product Page

Exway Flex - $599

The Exway Flex electric skateboard is an EBC customer favorite electric longboard. This e-board now features a new twist truck and an IP55 waterproof rating. Belt & Hub drive options and a traditional resistant board deck.

Top Features Include:

  • 25 mph top speed
  • 20-mile range
  • 37% hill climbing capability
  • IP55 water resistant

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Meepo Hurricane Product Page

Meepo Hurricane - $1699

The newest edition to the Meepo collection and Meepo’s first electric all-terrain board since the AWD Pro. With immense new technology enhancing range, speed and stability of the board deck. Built to conquer the off-road.

Top Features Include:

  • 35-mile range
  • 31 mph top speed
  • 2x 3500W motors
  • IP67 waterproof rating

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