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Electric Skateboards

About Electric Skateboards

Electric skateboards have taken the United States and the rest of the World by storm as a far more enjoyable and cost-efficient way of commuting, going to class or just hitting the road!

Featuring various styles, prices, board decks, shapes and brands, here at EBC our aim is to help you find the perfect electric skateboard for your requirements. Featuring bestsellers from important categories below, derived from top customer recommendations and customer feedback. Check out our following collections below or scroll further for bestsellers, prices and reviews. Top Collections:

All-Terrain Electric Skateboards

Electric Longboards

Electric Penny Boards

Bestselling Electric Longboards

Evolve Hadean Carbon 2 in 1 Product Page

Evolve Hadean Carbon 2 in 1

The Evolve Hadean is a customer favorite, AT electric longboard and street electric longboard. The 2 in 1 model boasts both a street 97mm conversion kit and also AT tires built to combat the off-road. The Hadean series electric skateboard models are the highest quality-controlled e-boards on the market, mirrored with elite performance.

Top Features Include:

  • AT and Street Wheels
  • 30 mph top speed
  • 35% hill climbing ability
  • Dual 3000W motors

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Evolve Bamboo Street Product Page

Evolve Bamboo Street

The Evolve Bamboo Street is EBC’s bestselling bamboo electric longboard. With the more flexible decking, this electric longboard is tailored to carving down concrete roads and neighborhoods or along the beachfront boulevard. With long range, high-performance specs and custom manufactured components.

Top Features Include:

  • Forged/super carve trucks
  • Weight: 22 lbs
  • 26 mph top speed
  • Bamboo/Fiberglass board deck combo

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Meepo V4 Shuffle Product Page

Meepo V4 Shuffle

The Meepo V4 Shuffle is a customer favorite affordable electric skateboard model. A newer and more advanced version of the Meepo V3 longboard. A shorter-range model built for early to mid-level riders, short distance commuters and students looking for a comfortable and easy riding electric longboard. Excellent customer feedback.

Top Features Include:

  • Dual 620W motors
  • Weight 16 lbs
  • New M4S remote
  • 28 mph top speed

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Best Electric Penny Boards

Evolve Stoke Product Page

Evolve Stoke

The Evolve Stoke, like the GTR series and now the Hadean, prides itself on quality control and a premium riding experience. With custom manufacturing and engineering, Evolve’s stoke has a concave board deck to ensure maximum stability when riding at high speeds. This e-board features forged trucks and dual 1500W motors.

Top Features Include:

  • 1500W motors x2
  • Lightweight at 17 lbs
  • 22 mph top speed
  • 220 lbs payload capacity

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Vestar Mini Product Page

Vestar Mini

As a Boosted Mini replacement, the Vestar Mini is an immensely powerful electric skateboard. Small, light and sticky grip tape to enable the rider the ability to make sharper and agile turns compared to the longboard models. Though not a long-range model it’s a top seller for students, short distance commuters and weekend riders.

Top Features Include:

  • Multiple battery options
  • 25% hill climbing capacity
  • 10-17-mile range
  • Hub and Belt drive options

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Exway Wave Product Page

Exway Wave

The Exway Wave electric skateboard is Exways top selling mini eboard and a newer release than most of their range. Light, durable, and fast! With 4.3Nm x2 of torque, its acceleration is one of the fastest in its bracket and capable of reaching speeds of 23+ mph in turbo mode. Remote controlled and concave board decking for increased stability.

Top Features Include:

  • 1000W x2 Max wattage output
  • Weight: 14 lbs
  • Water-resistant
  • 15 mile range

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Bestselling AT Electric Skateboards

Evolve Hadean Carbon AT Product Page

Evolve Hadean Carbon AT

Evolve truly are a customer’s favorite at EBC. Aside from performance, Evolve’s customer service, attention to detail and quality control during the manufacturing process is unmatched. The all new Hadean series boasts phenomenal performance specs, hill climbing ability, design and the Carbon decking is ideal for control when riding off-road.

Top Features Include:

  • Evolve super-carve trucks
  • Evolve Custom wheels
  • 40-mile range
  • Regenerative braking

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Meepo Hurricane Product Page

Meepo Hurricane

The Meepo Hurricane, their newest edition to the collection is an upgrade in every way from the AWD Pro eboard. Built with immense new torque with a powerful dual motor system and 3500 Watts of power. The Meepo board also has a carbon decking, to introduce stability and resistance when riding off-road.

Top Features Include:

  • 30-40-mile range
  • Dual 3500W motor
  • Carbon fiber decking
  • M4S wireless remote

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Evolve Bamboo 2 in 1 Product Page

Evolve Bamboo 2 in 1

The Evolve Bamboo GTR 2 in 1 is our favorite Bamboo electric longboard. The benefit of the bamboo decking is it adds extra carving capabilities, suitable to concrete paths (PU wheels) and off-road trails (AT wheels). The Bamboo GTR 2 in 1 features the additional conversion kit of the Evolve designed 97mm street PU wheels!

Top Features Include:

  • 2 in 1 conversion kit
  • 31-mile range
  • 2+ mph top speed
  • Dual 1500W motors

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Electric Skateboard Prices & Reviews