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Engwe Electric Bikes

Engwe Electric Bikes

About Engwe Electric Bikes

Engwe electric bikes boast some of the most popular inner-city foldables and off-road e-bikes. Often used by both commuters and popular for riders looking to combat all-terrain trails, the Engwe collection is awesome!

The bestselling Engwe EP-2 foldable fat tire bike is a customer favorite, and high functioning electric bike. With 20’’ fat tires coupled with a 30-mile range, the EP-2 is an all-round monster. A common choice for Deliveroo drivers, delivery drivers, and inner-city commuters, its foldable nature allows for easy access and safety for storage. Engwe boasts 2 other top models, the Engwe Engine and the mountain bike: Engwe MTB26 model.

Featuring customer reviews, action videos and more. Contact an Engwe expert to see which model best suits your needs! Give us a call at 1-877-347-5283, or send us an email at

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