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Gas Powered Dirt Bikes

Gas Powered Dirt Bikes Collection Page

About Gas Powered Dirt Bikes

Gas dirt bikes are still some of the most sought after off road micro mobility vehicles on the market. Mototec has made the initiative to both facilitate the growing market of electric dirt bikes, but retain a strong hold of their original off roaders.

The Mototec dirt bike collection features various bestsellers, tailored to different sizes, and often the go-to choice for dirt bikes for kids. This includes the Mototec Warrior, a smaller all-terrain bike model, all the way to the 250cc Mototec X5 Dirt bike, which is the largest and most combat ready model. All the gas dirt bikes run of petroleum as you would expect, as well as feature wide comfortable seating, designed to fit up to 1 person, each with their own payload capacities listed in their product specifications.

Review videos and off road testing videos are features on our product pages for all our customers to see the dirt bikes in action. Contact an expert at for more information or give us a call to place your order at 1-877-347-5283.