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Lift Foil

Lift Foil E-Foils and Classic Foils - World #1 in Foil Boards

E-Foils For Sale

Lift electric foil boards or e-foil boards are the best jet boards in the World. Made and manufactured off shore on the surfer’s island of Puerto Rico, founders and developers of Lift Foil boards, set out to make these products the best in the business. Making lightweight carbon fiber E-foil boards and wing masts, Lift Foil have 4 different e-foil board models to suit your level and style of riding. Whether you’re looking to cruise, carve a little more or simply explore the lakes and Oceans, ride the glassy surface with the Lift models at higher speed and with a smoother propulsion than all other models.

All Lift Foil boards come fully packaged ready to ride and can be assembled simply using the provided instruction manual. With various wings and mast sizes to choose from, depending on the elevation you’re looking for, the e-foils have interchangeable foil set ups if you ever decide to mix it up. The battery is rechargeable, and lithium-ion powered, with various speed settings to tailor your journey. See below for more information on our favorite Lift Foil e-board:

The Lift Foil 5’6’’ Model - #1 Customer Favorite

The Lift Foil 5’6’’ e-foil board is the bestseller. This cruiser surfboard boasts top speeds of 25 mph and can endure a long riding time of 60 minutes per charge.

  • 2 to 4 week lead time on delivery
  • Floating wireless controller.
  • 300 charge cycle warranty.
  • Carbon fiber lightweight material.

Learn more about the Lift Foil 5'6 Cruiser

Lift Foil 5'6 Cruiser

Lift Foil Classic Foils For Sale (Non-Electric)

Lift Foils have long been at the forefront of hydrofoil manufacturing. With the leading technology in creating and shaping the classic and e-foil market, Lift have designed the ultimate collection of both, Surf, Kite and Wake foil set ups.

Boasting the bestselling hydrofoils set ups for Surf, Lifts' bestselling 5’0 board size fits all riders and is exceptionally balanced. Manufactured from a combination of Carbon fiber for lightweight durability and a hint of fiber glass, Lift's surf foils are incredible. Lift have also designed the World’s best Kite foils set combos, and Wake Foil combos to accompany your board choice.

Included are our hydrofoil set up packages including the bestsellers, or for those looking to purchase a Lift Board separately and the foil set up separately, we have those included in the collection as well.

Featuring customer reviews, unboxing videos and incredible action shots! Contact us  now or visit our  FAQs  for information. 

The Lift Foil Complete Package (Non-Electric)

As part of our collection we have allowed you to design your complete Liftfoil package from one page. Featuring the bestselling board sizes and foils set ups for each model, pick which exact model, color and foil combination you want and we’ll delivery it right to your doorstep.

The Liftfoil hydrofoil packages come with a board and the foil set up of course, including 3 different color options (off white, green and brown), and made from a lightweight and sturdy carbon fiber base. Manufactured under the same roof, the foil combos come in a set. With a tool kit and instructions.


Kite Foil Combo

Liftfoil Kite Foil Combo

Featuring the 110, 150 and the bestselling 170 classic foil set ups, hydrofoil kite surfing has taken the watersport market by storm. Liftfoil have finely tuned and engineered lightweight foil set ups built for speed and balance when riding the waves.

Learn more about the Kite Foil Combo

Surf Foil Combo

Liftfoil Surf Foil Combo

The Surf foil combo by Liftfoil enables you to pick your perfect foil set up with recommendations for each size. Includes the bestselling 200 Surf, the 170 is also included for sportier riders and the 250 for riders looking for more jump out the water.

Learn more about the Surf Foil Combo

Wake Foil Combo

Liftfoil Wake Foil Combo

The Wake foil combination by Liftfoil is the perfect foil set up. The 200 Classic wing and the 28" mast is ideal for riders of all levels looking to ride the wake. Of course, you can pick and choose the perfect hydrofoil board to tailor your weight and ability.

Learn more about the Wake Foil Combo

Lift Foils Hydrofoils – Prices & Reviews