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MotoTec Electric Bikes

MotoTec Electric Bike Collection Page

About MotoTec Electric Bikes

Mototec electric dirt bikes and Mototec electric scooters are some of the coolest products on the market. With a blend of power and comfort on the streets, their style is certainly second to none.

Mototec’s most popular models include the Mototec kids electric dirt bike models. Styled like a traditional electric dirt bike, they feature various power outputs depending on the experience of the young rider. Varying from 24V 500W motors, to 48V 1000W motors, the Mototec electric dirt bikes are the industries bestsellers. Making the ideal gift or outdoor adventure gadget. Weighing a maximum of 100 lbs at the heavier units, these e-dirt bikes are portable and easy to assemble for those that want to take their dirt bikes on their next adventure!

Contact an expert at 1-877-347-5283 to learn more about Mototec, or send us an email at for more information. Secure shipping on all USA orders.

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