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Off-Road Electric Skateboards

Off-Road Electric Skateboards For Sale

With the rise of off-road electric skateboards across the globe, now is the time to join the trend and seek adventures off the beaten track with a new e-board. With their big wheels and high-powered motors, off-road electric skateboards can propel you across mud, dirt, snow, or any other terrain you throw at it!

Leading product developers in the industry, such as AEBoard and Ownboard, have designed several high-performance electric skateboards to provide you with a top-quality and exciting skating experience. With speeds of 35 mph and long-range durability, these boards are designed to not only withstand an epic countryside adventure but they are also a commonly used commuter electric e-board for urban environments, using their speed and endurance to beat the morning rush hour. With these all-terrain and zero-emission electric skateboards, the world is yours.

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Vestar Black Hawk AT Electric Skateboard

Vestar Black Hawk AT Electric Skateboard

The Black Hawk is stylish and simply excellent. Featuring 3-speed modes, a 32-mile range, and 30% hill climbing abilities, this electric skateboard has almost no flaws and is a perfect of urban commuting for all abilities of rider.

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Ownboard Carbon AT Electric Skateboard

Ownboard Carbon AT Electric Skateboard

The X2 Ranger is a blast. Fast and affordable, this long-range electric skateboard has a 24-mph top speed, a 19-mile range, and has immense torque that is fuelled by its 2 x 1200W motors, allowing the board to carry you smoothly across any terrain.

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Ownboard Bamboo AT Electric Longboard

Ownboard Bamboo AT Electric Longboard

Boasting a 19-mile range and top speed of 24 mph, the Bamboo is the perfect long-range electric skateboard and a clear customer favourite. Its durable battery and high-power motor make the Bamboo more efficient than most skateboards on the market.

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Off-Road Electric Skateboards Prices & Reviews

Ownboard Bamboo AT Electric Skateboard

$969.00 $1,299.00
SAVE $330.00

Ownboard Carbon AT Electric Skateboard

$1,069.00 $1,399.00
SAVE $330.00