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Off-Road Electric Skateboards

Off-Road Electric Skateboards For Sale

Best All-Terrain Electric Skateboards in 2021

Evolve Carbon GTR – Best AT Electric Longboard

Built from pure carbon fiber extract, the Evolve Carbon GTR model is a longboard bestseller and the best in the World. With refined, high quality Evolve crafted components, this GTR longboard is nothing shy of incredible. Boasting a dual 1500W powerful motor and a wireless Bluetooth remote, the Evolve Carbon generates immense torque while tackling terrain. 5-star reviews and a US made customer favorite.

Top features include:

✓ Load capacity: 220 lbs

✓ 31-mile range

✓ 24+ mph top speed

✓ Street Wheels and 2 in 1 options available

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Carbon GTR AT

Off-Road Electric Skateboards Prices & Reviews

Ownboard Carbon AT Electric Skateboard

Sold Out $1,399.00
SAVE $330.00

Chargiot Bomb PEV Electric Skateboard

$949.00 $1,199.00
SAVE $250.00