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OnlyOne Electric Skateboards


It’s in the name, there’s OnlyOne e-boarding brand like this out there for you! OnlyOne’s electric longboards provide the perfect balance of power, range and speed. The O-1 electric longboard is fast and has quick acceleration, with speeds reaching 25 Mph, so you can travel timely and in style! The technology these e-boards use mean they can withstand wetter environments, perfect if you live in rainy climates. The lightweight deign also means you can take your board with you wherever you go, also making it ideal for urban commuters and travel junkies. OnlyOne also incorporate a 3-speed system and cruise control into some of their boards, making riding a smooth, efficient and fun experience.

Onlyone O-2 Electric Longboard

$519.00 $659.00
SAVE $140.00

Onlyone O-1 Electric Longboard

$459.00 $619.00
SAVE $160.00

Onlyone O-3 Electric Longboard

$429.00 $559.00
SAVE $130.00