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Ownboard Electric Skateboards

Ownboard Carbon AT Electric Skateboard Review


Ownboard Electric Skateboards have been engineering high quality off-road and street boards since electric skateboards hit the market. Pioneers and customer favorites, Ownboard boast their signature all terrain eboards including the newest edition - the Ownboard Zeus electric skateboard.

Both the Ownboard Carbon and the Bamboo were Ownboards most famous and highly regarded electric longboards. However, with the newer technology, Ownboard have enabled the Zeus off-road model to trigger mileage and speed unseen in eboards to date. The Zeus electric longboard boasts a 41 mile range (depending on riding conditions), a 3500W motor that can power you up to 31 mph.

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Ownboard Zeus Skateboard

Ownboard Zeus Product Page

About the Ownboard Zeus - $1399

The Ownboard Zeus electric skateboard is Ownboards newest edition. With the Meepo Hurricane and Evolve’s Hadean series launching around the same time, Ownboards Zeus model is here to compete! Boasting immense specs and with the name for famous AT electric skateboards, there’s no doubt this e-board is going to be a true competitor for the top spot. An excellent all-terrain e-board with pneumatic AT wheels and GTR Street options, here are some of the top features.

Top features include:

✓ 4 speed modes

✓ AT and GT 2in1 wheel options available

✓ Regenerative braking

✓ 2 x 3350W motors

Ownboard Electric Skateboards – Prices & Reviews

Ownboard Carbon AT Electric Skateboard

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