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Ownboard Electric Skateboards

Ownboard Electric Skateboards For Sale

Ownboard Carbon AT Electric Skateboard Review

About Ownboard Electric Skateboards

Ownboard Electric Skateboards have been engineering high quality off-road and street boards since electric skateboards hit the market. Pioneers and customer favorites, Ownboard boast their signature Ownboard Bamboo and Ownboard Carbon Off-Road Electric Skateboards, some of the best Off-Roaders on the market.

Both the Ownboard Carbon and the Bamboo include various options to tailor how you want you e-board designed. Including 100mm cloud wheels, all terrain wheels with a little more lift and also 2 in 1 combo for riders looking to rotate. The Ownboard bamboo features a powerful 2x 1500-watt motors and a 24-mph top speed, designed to get your e-board up hills of a 30% gradient. 

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Ownboard Bamboo – Bestselling Ownboard Skateboard

Ownboard Bamboo

This off-road electric skateboard is Ownboards bestselling electric longboard for all-terrain riders. A well suited e-board for urban jungles as well, this e-board boasts all-terrain wheels, 120 mm cloud wheels and combo packs. A powerful riot belt drive electric skateboard, the Ownboard Bamboo is a customer favorite e-board.

Top features include:

✓ Fiberglass/Bamboo board decking

✓ OLED Hobbywing remote

✓ Regenerative braking

✓ 19-mile range

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Ownboard Electric Skateboards – Prices & Reviews

Ownboard Carbon AT Electric Skateboard

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