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Quietkat Electric Bikes

Quietkat Electric Bikes

About Quietkat Electric Bikes

Quietkat electric hunting bikes are the bestselling hunting electric bikes on the market. Built from the highest quality lightweight aluminum frames and long-range capabilities.

If you’re looking for a simple off-road hunting bike, or one with a center suspension included and all the gadgets, all the top hunting e-bike models are available. Quietkat have also partnered up with Jeep to form their incredible dynamic and fast electric bike model – the Quietkat Jeep. With rechargeable batteries and throttle assist capabilities, you can cruise over debris, sticks, rocks and quietly, allowing you to get much closer to your game without making as much noise.

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Quietkat Bestsellers

Quietkat Jeep Product Page

Quietkat Jeep - $6,299

The Quietkat Jeep e-bike is their exclusive Jeep Partnered electric fat tire bike. With a powerful 750W motor, the full suspension Jeep ebike is built to hunt and combat all-terrain trails. Commonly used amongst avid cyclists and those looking for elite specs and highly efficient performance. Charcoal design and immense climbing power.

Top Features Include:

  • 750W Nominal Motor
  • 10-speed gears
  • 30+ mile range
  • 300 lbs payload capacity

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Quietkat Ranger Product Page

Quietkat Ranger - $3,199

The Quietkat Ranger is Quietkat’s more affordable hunting electric bike and their #1 bestseller. In high demand around the World, it’s got the perfect payload to tie your hunt or tow your cargo trailer. With Kenda Juggernaut fat 26’’ tires, front fork suspension and multiple motor options, it’s easy to tailor and excellent for all-terrain rides.

Top Features Include:

  • 750/1000W motor options
  • On-board display
  • Poseidon Sandstone cameo color
  • 325 lbs payload capacity

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Quietkat Ridgerunner Product Page

Quietkat Ridgerunner - $5,599

The Quietkat Ridgerunner is one of Quietkat’s most elite hunting electric bikes. Ideal for those looking to upgrade from the Ranger models and seeking more elite modifications. With a 1000W mid-drive motor, and a center shock absorber full-suspension frame, it’s extremely comfortable for riders going across difficult terrain.

Top Features Include:

  • 1900W peak output
  • 9-speed gears
  • Weight: 79 lbs
  • 300 lbs payload capacity

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For more information on EBC’s favorite and best hunting e-bikes, visit our blog post and click the link above. Featuring the hunters favorite Quietkat Ranger electric bike and the Rambo Rebel fat tire all-terrain e-bike. Or contact an e-bike expert today at 1-877- 347-5283.

Quietkat Electric Bikes Prices & Reviews

Quietkat Ranger 5.0 Electric Bike

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