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Rattan Electric Bikes

Rattan Challenger

About Rattan Electric Bikes

Rattan, one of the leading electric bike manufacturers, has created a range of e-bikes that are perfect for anyone looking for a top-quality riding experience.

Rattan have produced an electric bike to suit every terrain, weather, or lifestyle. Their foldable e-bikes, such as the LF 500W and LM 500W, are perfect for city riding. With their stylish designs and easy handling, these electric bikes provide the ultimate comfort whilst riding and will allow you to get to your destination quickly and efficiently. Additionally, Rattan have also manufactured bikes that are more suited for those seeking an off-road adventure. Rattan’s hill climbing monsters, such as the Challenger and Fat Bear Plus, boost thick off-road tires and provide riders with power that is unrivaled on tough terrain. If you are looking for an e-bike that can climb mountains, go through snow and mud, or just to cruise through the city, these are the bikes for you. Choose any electric bike from Rattan’s e-bike range, and your adventures can begin!

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Rattan Bestsellers

Rattan LM750 Product Page

Rattan LM750

The Rattan LM750 is Rattan’s new customer favorite and bestselling Rattan model. Popular amongst delivery drivers, commuters and weekend riders with its immense range. Step-thru frame, also suitable for customers with injuries.

Top Features Include:

  • 750W Motor
  • 60-80-mile range
  • LCD on board display
  • 4’’ off-road tires

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Rattan LM500 Product Page

Rattan LM500

Like the Rattan LM750, the 500W edition simply boasts a more affordable bike model with a smaller motor. Still capable of incredible distances, but suitable for riders without the requirement for additional power or acceleration.

Top Features Include:

    • 60-80-mile range
    • IPAS regenerative braking
    • 3’’ off-road tires
    • 500W motor

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Rattan LF500 Product Page

Rattan LF500

With a slightly different framework compared to the Rattan LM Series, the LF500 is a step-thru model. With easy-access, great range and easy to fold adaptability. Perfect for all levels of cyclists and age ranges, including those recovering from injury.

Top Features Include:

  • 500W motor
  • 3’’ fat tires
  • 3 vibrant color options
  • 60-80 – mile range

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Rattan Electric Bikes Prices & Reviews

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