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Revi Electric Bikes

Revi Electric Bikes For Sale


Revi Bikes strive to create high performance electric bikes to provide you with a top-quality and exciting riding experience. With an excellent range of bikes to select from, Revi Bikes have ensured that your next electric bike will be an unforgettable one.

Revi Bikes have produced an e-bike for every terrain, weather, and lifestyle. If you are looking for a powerful and resilient bike to ride off-road, the Revi Predator electric bike delivers comfort on any terrain with its 26” tires and suits all those who are seeking an adventure off the beaten track. Revi Bikes has also designed e-bikes that are perfect for city riding, such as the Revi Rebel 1.0 Foldable and the Revi Runabout. With their stylish designs and easy handling, these electric city bikes provide the ultimate comfort when commuting, to allow you to get around efficiently and on time.

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Revi Cheetah – Bestselling Café Racer E-Bike

Revi Cheetah

About the Revi Cheetah

The Revi Cheetah is the best café racer electric bike on the market. With its traditional chopper style electric bike, this Revi Café Racer is second to none. With an immense 1000W motor and twist grip throttle, this café racer ebike will make you feel like you’re on your beloved Harley. Boasting fat tires to glide over rough and tricky terrain or even sand, this Civi bike is unique and one of the coolest e-bikes in out collection.

Top features include:

✓ Tektro Hydraulic disc brakes

✓ 45-mile maximum range

✓ Bafang gear hub motor

✓ Custom made headlamp

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