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Electric Scooters

About Electric Scooters

Electric scooters and urban city scooters have become the World’s #1 adopted form of renewable urban transport. E-Scooters have over taken cities to not only help people find a more cost-efficient way of commuting or sight-seeing but also contributing to a massive reduction in pollution in cities.

With the top e-scooter brands in the world featured and foldable electric scooter models available in different sizes, ranges and speeds, our electric scooters are second to none. Boasting the global bestselling Razor kids e-scooter collection and other top brands such as and Hiboy, Segway, Dualtron and Apollo. Find your perfect ride and make your next electric scooter your favorite and fastest way of travelling. If you’re looking for a seated electric scooter or a stand-up e-scooter, or even one with a cargo add on, please contact an expert and we’ll find you the perfect model.

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Bestselling Electric Scooters

Hiboy Titan Product Page

Hiboy Titan

The Hiboy Titan electric scooter is the top of the range model. More advanced specs and power than all other Hiboy e-scooters. Titan and Titan Pro models available for added range and speed. Built to combat urban jungles and longer journeys.

Top Features Include:

  • 30-mile range (Titan)
  • 45-mile range (Titan Pro)
  • 25-30 mph top speed
  • Water-resistant

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Hiboy Nanrobot D6+ Product Page

Nanrobot D6+

Nanrobot’s D6+ electric scooter model is our customer favorite Nanrobot e-scooter. With immense power, dual suspension and high-speed capabilities. It’s an up-market top of the range model for riders looking for the added thrill.

Top Features Include:

  • 2 x 1000W Motors
  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs
  • 40 mph top speed
  • ECO and Turbo mode

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Segway E45 Product Page

Segway E45

The perfect Electric scooter built for students, commuters and all users looking for a combination of high quality and optimum comfort. 18.6 mph top speed and a long-range rechargeable battery. 5-star feedback, and a Segway bestseller.

Top Features Include:

  • 28-mile range
  • IP54 water resistance
  • 300W brushless motor
  • 20% hill climbing capabilities

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Bestselling Seated E-Scooters

Uberscoot 1600W Product Page

Uberscoot 1600W

The Uberscoot 1600W is a more powerful addition to the Uberscoot e-scooters collection. With 11’’ pneumatic AT tires, the 1600W can combat off road terrain, dirt and rough inner-city roads. Front and rear suspension included and an adjustable scooter seat. It’s a closer range model but features a wider platform for seated rides.

Top Features Include:

  • Brushless 1600W motor
  • 265 lbs max payload
  • 12-mile range
  • Front and rear lights

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Hiboy S2 Seated Product Page

Hiboy S2 Seated

The Hiboy S2 electric scooter is a customer favorite at EBC, and is a all-round, affordable and mid-tier electric scooter model. Tailored for close to mid-range commuters, students and young adults, the S2 also features an added seat model. To help longer distance commuters, or those recovering from injury. The padded seat is an extra $60.

Top Features Include:

  • Weight: 29 lbs
  • Range: 17-20 miles
  • Max load: 260 lbs
  • Seat Included: Yes

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Mototec 2000W Fatboy Product Page

Mototec 2000W Fatboy

The Mototec 2000W electric scooter is a very unique style and design compared to all traditional e-scooters. With a bat mobile like design with 2 large fat tires and chopper style handle bars, it’s a true cruiser e-scooter. It emphasises space and width with a widened platform, a 450 lbs. weight capacity and 51’’ wheel bases!

Top Features Include:

  • Hydraulic front and rear disc brakes
  • Payload capacity: 450 lbs
  • Top speed: 32 mph
  • Twist throttle

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