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Seated Electric Scooters

Seated E-Scooters

About Seated Electric Scooters

Best seated e-scooters available. Perfect for longer commutes and those just recovering from injury. Popular for users who are heavier riders looking for maximum comfortability when commuting or enjoying their weekend ride!

Featuring bestselling seated e-scooters including the Hiboy S2 model and the Razor Metro HD seated scooter. With ranges from 10-25 miles and wide balanced foot platforms, these e-scooters are tailored to users of all ages and weights. Boasting premium on-board monitors to regulate your charge and our ride speed, never lose track of your performance. Also, extremely popular amongst shoppers looking for a more cost-efficient way of running errands and shopping for groceries. Front baskets are optional for storage.

For more information on the best seated e-scooters, contact an expert at 1-877-347-5283 or send us an email at

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