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ShredLights Electric Skateboard Lights

About ShredLights LED Lights For Sale

Shredlights, the global bestseller for electric skateboard lights, will help you to light the way on your next e-board adventure. As the leader in night rider technology, Shredlights have engineered all their products with 200 lumens per bulb, as well as a phenomenal 150 hours of battery life to help to keep you safe and visible on the road.

Shredlights, including the top-selling skateboard lights and helmet lights, are the perfect accessory for all electric skateboard riders. If you are a morning commuter on your e-board before the sun rises or you are coming home in the later hours, staying safe on the road is essential. With 3 different flash modes and 3 different constant modes per bulb, ShredLights can help you see up to 2000 ft ahead. ShredLights are simply brilliant.

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ShredLights Prices & Reviews

Skateboard Headlights by ShredLights

$64.99 $159.99
SAVE $95.00

Skateboard Night Ops Pack by ShredLights

$199.99 $204.99
SAVE $5.00