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Step-Through Electric Bikes

Step-Through Electric Bikes For Sale

Step-Through Bikes

The comfortability and easy usage of a step-through e-bike is second to none. Perfect for shorter riders or customers looking for an easy-access e-bike.

Featuring the bestselling step-through e-bikes including the Himiway Cruiser Step-Through or the NAKTO Camel Step Through bicycle, we can help find you the best e-bike that is tailored to every purpose. Whether you’re looking for a beach boulevard cruiser, or an urban commuter bike for work, the step-through e-bikes typically range from a speed of 15 mph + and a range of 20-60 miles depending on the bike. For those looking for a little more adventure on trails and all terrain environments, we do have step-through bikes from pioneers like Himiway and Rambo as well that are the best off-road electric bikes on the market.

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About Step-Through Electric Bikes

Haibike Trekking Step-Through

Step Through Electric Bikes are an easy-access e-bike frame style that allows you step in to your electric bike without having to climb the saddle. Tailored well for e-bikes for shorter individuals, step-through electric bikes don’t offer any less performance than your standard cruiser model. Boasting bestselling e-bike brands and step-through models, tailor your next journey with the perfect step-through electric bike that suits your style.

Top features include:

✓ Easy access framework

✓ Lightweight and portable

✓ Easy-storage bikes

✓ Ultimate comfort

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Step-Through Electric Bikes Prices & Reviews

NAKTO Classic City Electric Bicycle

$819.00 $849.00
SAVE $30.00

ECOTRIC Starfish Foldable Electric Bike

Sold Out $799.99
SAVE $100.00