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Step-Through Electric Bikes

Step-Through Electric Bikes For Sale

The comfortability and easy usage of a step-through e-bike is second to none. Built for easy access and lightweight framework, electric bikes are the future. For those who are under 6ft tall or simple looking for an electric bike with easier accessibility, our step-through bikes for sale are perfect for you.

Featuring the bestselling step-through e-bikes including the Himiway Cruiser Step-Through or the NAKTO Camel Step Through bicycle, we can help find you the best e-bike that is tailored to every purpose. Whether you’re looking for a beach boulevard cruiser, or an urban commuter bike for work, the step-through e-bikes typically range from a speed of 15 mph + and a range of 20-60 miles depending on the bike. For those looking for a little more adventure on trails and all terrain environments, we do have step-through bikes from pioneers like Himiway and Rambo as well that are the best off-road electric bikes on the market.

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Nakto Elegance

NAKTO Elegance City Electric Bicycle

The Nakto Elegance is a weekend riders favorite Nakto model. Comfortable step through design, this urban electric bike is great. This electric city bike comes with a 20 mile range, an LCD display and a front basket.

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Himiway Cruiser Step-Through

Himiway Cruiser Step-Through Electric Bicycle

The Himiway Cruiser Step Through is perfect for those looking for an easy access, fat tire, long range electric bike. Boasting a long-range electric bike battery (60+ miles), the Cruiser Step-Through also comes with a rear rack.

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Nakto Classic City

NAKTO Classic City Electric Bicycle

The Nakto classic city urban e-bike is perfect for those looking for a comfortable and stylish cruiser. With European handle bars, a sleek and classical design, this comfortable electric bike makes for the perfect gift.

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Step-Through Electric Bikes Prices & Reviews