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About Summerboard SBX

Summerboard electric skateboards (or snowboards?!), are a true market innovation. For all those snowboards who love to shred the slopes in the winter, we all know the feeling of that last and final ride. Summerboard are here to solve all your problems…

With 2 inner wheels on 360 rotational pivots, Summerboards unique design allows the board to rotate sideways at ease so you can drift down the street with no glitching or friction, meaning you can essentially snowboard down the street! Built with a sturdy ride deck, and a built-in swappable battery pack (on the top of the deck rather than the bottom), you can race your Summerboard up to 27 mph. Though very much designed for riders looking to carve and drift, the Summerboard also has capabilities of handling light all-terrain trails.

For more information on the Summerboard SBX model, the newest edition, contact our support team at 1-877-347-5283 or visit the product page by clicking on one of the options below. Free shipping and low price match guaranteed.


Summerboard Packages


Summerboard SBX

Summerboard SBX - $1599

The Summerboard comes with 3 package types. This package has the standard board only package, without the additional batteries or accessories of the Pro pack and Shred packs. A great starting point for beginners.

Top Features Include:

  • 27 mph top speed
  • 12-mile range
  • SBX Board included
  • Manual included

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Summerboard SBX Pro Pack

Summerboard SBX Pro Pack - $2179

The Summerboard Pro Pack is really the pack that is best set for those that will b using their Summerboard more than a few days a week and truly passionate riders looking to put some miles on their board!

Top Features Include:

  • Extra Shred Toolkit
  • Freshies Kit
  • Extra Battery
  • Super charger

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Summerboard SBX Shred Pack

Summerboard SBX Shred Pack - $1629

The Summerboard Shred Pack comes with a couple extra features compared to the standard edition. This includes a tool kit for those looking to adjust their trucks and also a set of Freshies (PU extra set of wheels).

Top Features Include:

  • SBX Board included
  • Manual included
  • Shred Toolkit
  • Freshies Set

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