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Teemo Electric Skateboards


Teemo design some of the best electric skateboards and longboards out there today.  They range from off-road to regular city use boards, catering for all needs! All Teemo’s electric boards can climb hills at a 30% grade, making them ideal for effortless and relaxed riding, making your commute all the easier. The 3 speed modes and cruise control capabilities make commuting even more. enjoyable than most! If you are into more off-road electric boarding, the Teemo Off-Road electric longboard is perfect for you! With top speeds of 25 Mph and 6” all-terrain tyres are all you could wish for when seeking adventure off the beaten track. The layers of Canadian Maple deck also add a layer flexibility to ensure your ride is smooth and relaxed. There is no better way to experience zero-emission long-range travel. Free Shipping on all orders. Visit our Contact page for any suggestions on picking out your next ride.

Teemo M-1 Electric Skateboard

$319.99 $669.00
SAVE $349.01

Teemo M-2 Electric Skateboard

$329.99 $499.00
SAVE $169.01

Teemo M-3 Plus Electric Skateboard

$339.99 $699.00
SAVE $359.01

Teemo M-4 Electric Skateboard

Sold Out $599.00
SAVE $259.01