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TSG Helmets & Gear

TSG Helmets & Gear – Bestselling TSG Pass Helmet

Boosted Board Alternatives

The TSG Helmets and gear collection is the top selling open and full-face helmets on the market for 2020. A common addition with all e-boarders looking to stay safe on the road.

The TSG helmet collection boasts the #1 bestselling item the TSG Pass helmet. With a full-face lightweight helmet design, this TSG helmet boasts bonus visor, air flow channels, removable cheek pads and breathable vents. TSG’s incredible collection of products also boast TSG Kneepads, TSG elbow pads and more. With light, durable and anti-slip pads for multi-purpose action sports, TSG helmets and gear can be the perfect addition to your ride.

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TSG Scope Helmet

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