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Vestar Electric Skateboards

About Vestar Electric Skateboards

Vestar Electric Skateboards are the industry pioneers in power to range compatibility. Taking over from Boosted Boards range as the market leader in powerful electric skateboards.

Featuring the Vestar V3 Bamboo electric longboard, this traditionally shaped e-board is fast and furious. With a flexible e-board decking, this electric skateboard features an immense dual 1500-Watt motor on the Riot belt edition. Boasting power but also resilience is Vestars very own Vestar Black Hawk AT 2 electric longboard. Designed to withstand off road terrain, Vestar Board’s Black Hawk is a master piece. Other models include Vestars bestselling penny board the Vestar Mini and their timeless classic the V2 Pro. Long range and well balanced, Vestar Boards are nothing shy of elite.

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Vestar Mini - Boosted Mini Alternative

Vestar Mini

About the Vestar Mini

The Vestar Mini electric skateboard is a powerful and long-range mini e-board. A customer favorite both in performance and design to substitute the Boosted Mini model, Vestar electric skateboards are fast and furious. Built with both a Riot belt motor and a hub drive edition, the Vestar electric skateboard can be tailored to your style. Lightweight and agile, this electric skateboard is a student favorite and ideal for commuters.

Top features include:

✓ Various battery types and ranges

✓ 2 x 1000W powerful motors

✓ 27 mph top speed

✓ Wireless screen remote

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Vestar Boards – Prices & Reviews

Vestar V2 Pro Electric Skateboard

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