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WowGo Electric Skateboards


WowGo provide a large range of electric boards, from longboards, to full and mini sized skateboards; catering for all needs. WowGo have designed a number of lightweight boards, whether its their WowGo all-terrain electric skateboard, or their WowGo 3X electric longboard; so you can easily take your board on all your travels! The Bamboo and fiberglass decking maximizes flexibility and durability for a smoother ride, while the hill climb feature means you can effortlessly travel up gradients and look good doing it! WowGo install wider 78A Eccentric Wheels and All-Terrain Never-flat rubber wheels, giving better shock absorption and providing the ultimate carving experience. You’ll find it hard to find a smoother and more enjoyable board for shredding. Free Shipping on all orders. Visit our Contact page for any suggestions on picking out your next ride.