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Yamaha Seascooters

Yamaha Seascooters For Sale


Yamaha seascooters are advanced, high powered and high-quality electric water scooters. Built for all kinds of users and depths, Yamaha’s e-scooter collection is a bestseller.

The Yamaha seascooter collection features all models capable of withstanding both salt water and fresh water dives. Reaching speeds of 5-6 mph underwater and perfect for snorkeling, the Yamaha under water scooter collection is quite diverse. The Yamaha Seal remains a bestselling model for youngsters and snorkelers, while the Yamaha 500Li and advanced models are deep sea divers go to choice. With safety features including auto shutoff, dual-trigger control and positive buoyancy, these electric scooters are nothing shy of the best! The perfect underwater gadget for your summer trip to lake or the coast, pick and choose which Yamaha seascooter suits your needs.

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