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5 Best Electric Bikes for Delivery

Electric bikes for Deliveroo, UberEATS and all other delivery riders, are available here at the Electric Boarding Company. With various features that are essential to the speed and success of the delivery, we’ve managed to narrow down the 5 Best e-bikes for all inner-city deliveries. Focusing on different factors that can help save time and money when in the delivery business, e-bikes have taken cities by storm as a faster more cost-efficient way to get from A to B.

Here at EBC we have seen immense traction also in foldable electric bikes and fat tire models for all inner-city commuters and delivery drivers. While it’s important to consider the style of the bike you’ll be riding, the components and specifications must be compatible with a regular delivery riders’ requirement. The most important factors for any e-bike delivery includes the following.

Top questions to consider:

✓ Range - how far can your electric bike go before needing to re-charge?

✓ Accessibility - how easy is the product to store and to ride?

✓ Storage & Payload Capacity - how easy is it to store your food or goods?

✓ Comfortability - how comfortable is your e-bike?

#1 – Magnum Pathfinder Electric Bike

Magnum Pathfinder Electric Bike Product Page

About the Magnum Pathfinder

The Magnum Pathfinder is the all-round best electric bike for Deliveroo riders, and inner-city cyclists. With an easy-access step-thru bike frame, excellent mileage and speed, the Magnum bikes are well known for their quality control and are favorites for city commuters. With fat tires to conquer urban terrain and even some off-road trails should your UberEATS be somewhere unusual! The Magnum electric bike also has a well sized rear cargo rack option to strap your cargo, whether it be goods or food for your next client.

Top features include:

✓ Range: 20 miles

✓ Payload Capacity: 300 lbs

✓ Twist-throttle and pedal-assist drive modes

✓ Weight: 50 lbs lightweight frame

#2- Jupiter Defiant Electric Bike

Jupiter Defiant Electric Bike Product Page

About the Jupiter Defiant

Similarly, to the Magnum, only slightly smaller in size, the Jupiter Defiant has long been a customer favorite in the foldable e-bike community. Perfect for delivering goods, the Jupiter Defiant boasts a 300 lbs payload capacity and double the range of the Pathfinder at 40 miles. Originally designed to conquer beach rides, as well as hunting in all-terrain environments, if you’re worried about climate or gravel in your delivery radius, the Jupiter Defiant is the bike for you.

Top features include:

✓ Range: 40-miles

✓ Front and rear disc brakes

✓ Motor: 750W brushless

✓ Weight: 55 lbs

#3 – Ecotric Fat Tire Foldable Electric Bike

Ecotric Fat Tire Foldable Electric Bike Product Page

About the Ecotric Fat Tire Foldable

The Ecotric Fat Tire foldable electric plays a very similar role to the Magnum and the Jupiter, only far more affordable. While the Magnum and the Jupiter remain more advanced in specs, the Ecotric Foldable is the perfect affordable e-bike for delivery drivers. Boasting a foldable aluminium frame, don’t let the price fool you. The foldable e-bike has a range from 35-45 miles per charge, ousting the Magnum considerably. For those delivering daily, as well as commuting to and from work, the Ecotric fat Tire is a long-range electric bike that may fit your needs.

Top features include:

✓ Payload Capacity: 220 lbs

✓ Range: 35 miles maximum

✓ Motor: 500W hub driven

✓ 7-speed Shimano disc brakes

#4 – Ecotric Rocket Electric Bike

Ecotric Rocket Electric Bike Product Page

About the Ecotric Rocket

The Ecotric Rocket is a customer favorite electric bike at EBC. For those looking for an electric bike for delivery purposes that’s not a foldable, but has the traditional mountain bike style, the Ecotric Rocket is awesome! While it may seem like road-bike tires pose better e-bikes for city commuting, we encourage all Deliveroo drivers to veer towards fat tire models. Fat tire e-bikes provide better stability and often come with a larger weight capacity for deliveries. The Ecotric Rocket has 26’’ thick tires and a 265 lbs weight capacity that help optimize just that!

Top features include:

✓ Motor: 500W Rear Hub

✓ Payload Capacity: 265 lbs

✓ Rider Height: 5’2’’ – 6’2’’

✓ Ecotric Smart LCD display

#5 – Rattan LM750 Electric Bike

Rattan LM750 Electric Bike Product Page

About the Rattan LM750

Rattan electric bikes are customer favorites in the United States boasting their famous Rattan Challenger mountain bikes, all the way to the LM and LF Foldable series. These foldable fat tire models are perfect e-bikes for all delivery drivers, working both part-time and full-time schedules. The Rattan boasts an immense 60+ mile range with pedal assist technology, and a rear rack available to help carry your cargo. With a foldable design and easy-access low frame, this electric bike remains a top recommendation in the rider community. With a 1-year warranty against all defects, the Rattan is great value considering the specs of the unit.

Top features include:

✓ IPAS rechargeable technology

✓ Range: 60-80 miles

✓ Motor: 750W powerful hub

✓ Tires: 4’’ off-road compatible

Discount Code for Delivery Drivers

Delivery Drivers Electric Bike Product Page

We are offering a 5% off coupon code to anyone looking to order an electric bike over $500. Use the code “EBC5” at checkout. While delivery drivers on electric bikes help reduce our carbo emissions, e-bikes in inner cities ad CBD’s have helped reduce the time it takes to receive your order!

Whether you’re a Deliveroo driver looking for a faster way to beat the traffic, or an UberEATS driver, looking to switch to riding a bike, to save on gas. We’re here to provide our support to all e-bike riders and to help in our contribution to making the World more sustainable and getting your goods faster and cleaner! Don’t be afraid to call an expert at 1-877-347-5283 or send us an email at

Fast and Free shipping is offered on almost all e-bikes, and expedited shipping options may be available. For bulk orders and B2B requests please send us an email.

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