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5 Best Electric Skateboards for Beginners

Electric Longboards – Beginner Electric Skateboard

Electric Longboards are easier to maneuver and simpler to use for beginners than fast and agile electric penny boards. While a longboard has more board deck to work with, electric longboards typically have longer but smoother curves to turn corners and traditionally provide a more balanced ride than your standard penny board model. Popular amongst commuters and students looking for an easy-to-use electric skateboard around town or campus, electric longboards have equal if not superior performance to smaller e-board models.

Electric longboard board decks are often composed of Canadian maple wood, bamboo and/or fiberglass material. While a 100% wooden deck e-board provides a lot of flexibility, a lot of e-board brands have combined bamboo and fiber glass board decks to maintain flexibility and add strength. Electric longboards are certainly perfect for beginners, not just for their feel, but primarily for their control. Easier to use in open spaces and paved roads, longboards allow you to get used to your e-board before learning how to take sharper turns or hit higher speeds.

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Hub Drive vs Belt Drive – What’s Better for Beginners?

Hub vs Belt - Maintenance

Hub drive electric skateboards traditionally require less maintenance. Riot belts can wear over time for regular users due to the natural abrasion of the belt motor. While the pulley system on the belt drive is generating power, a lot of friction is encountered in the process and often need replaced twice a year for regular commuters. Unlike belt driven e-boards, hub drives have internally built motors that power your e-board and are protected by an outer sleeve or casing, providing more protection and often water-resistance.

Hub vs Belt - Performance

Hub driven electric skateboards provide no less range or top speed than a belt driven electric skateboard. While a belt drive e-board operates on a pulley/gear system, a hub drive is an all-in one remote to power connection directly communicating with your inboard ESC (the "brain" of the board). As a result, belt drives are much jerkier off the mark but traditionally have more torque, enabling a much more sensitive riding feel. For beginners, we recommend hub driven motors for a smoother transition off the mark and a more comfortable rider experience.

#1 Exway Flex Electric Skateboard

Exway Flex

About the Exway Flex

The Exway Flex electric skateboard is an EBC bestselling electric longboard. Our top recommendation for young or new riders, the Exway Flex is a traditional longboard with awesome specs but a very user-friendly board deck. Boasting a top speed and range in the late 20’s, this composite e-board comes with a hub and riot drive option. This electric skateboard has a bamboo and fiberglass composite deck for strength and flexibility and a removable, rechargeable battery.

Top features include:

✓ Swappable drive train

✓ Shock absorbing refined grip tape

✓ 3 ride modes, suitable for beginners

✓ IP55 waterproof rating

Learn more about the Exway

#2 Enskate R2 Bamboard Electric Skateboard

Enskate R2

About the Enskate R2

The Enskate R2 electric skateboard is certainly one of our top beginner e-boards. This easy to use e-board for beginners is a longboard and super easy to adjust to and learn for your first ride. With a 15.5-mile range and a decent top speed, this hub driven e-board boasts 2 450W motors. This flexible e-board decking is composed of Canadian maple and Bamboo allowing for maximum flexibility so you can learn to carve with ease before testing your limits!

Top features include:

✓ 21.7 mph top speed

✓ Easy to use wireless remote

✓ Hub driven motor

✓ 90mm PU wheels

Learn more about the Enskate
R2 Bamboard

#3 Backfire G2 Black Electric Skateboard

Backfire G2

About the Backfire G2

Backfire electric skateboards have been pioneers in the electric skateboard market for quite some time now and a common choice with new riders. The Backfire G2 Black electric skateboard is perfect for beginners looking for a cool, trendy and timeless e-board to learn with before progressing to powerful models such as the Backfire G3 or Zealot. Featuring an Eco Mode, the Backfire G2 Black is perfect for beginners looking to get the feel at a lower speed before progressing.

Top features include:

✓ LCD screen remote

✓ 3 ride modes (ECO/Sport/Reverse)

✓ Hub driven e-board

✓ Hobbywing motor (20% less noise)

Learn more about the Backfire

#4 Meepo V3 Electric Skateboard

Meepo V3

About the Meepo V3

The Meepo V3 is one of the most popular e-boards on the market. Boasting top performance specs, this electric skateboard has multiple ride modes, so it tailors all riders of all levels, including beginners. With a powerful hub driven motor, this electric skateboard can reach speeds of 28 mph. Although sensitive and a little sharper than the Enskate R2 or Backfire boards, this Meepo electric skateboard has a lot of top features to boast about and is the most affordable high performing e-board on the market.

Top features include:

✓ - Extended range battery option

✓ - 2x540 Watt hub drive motor

✓ - 4 ride modes

✓ - Regenerative brakes – improves range

Learn more about the Meepo

#5 Razor X Cruiser Electric Skateboard

Razor X Cruiser

About the Razor X Cruiser

Razor have been the leaders in kids’ electric scooters for as long as we can remember and have decided to release the Razor X electric skateboard for kids and beginners. Very affordable at less than $200, this skateboard style e-board has a small 125W motor and 10 mph top speed. Safe and easy to use for kids, this Razor Cruiser electric skateboard makes for the perfect gift for kids looking to start their eboard adventure.

Top features include:

✓ 5-ply maple decking

✓ Kick to start 125W motor

✓ Rechargeable battery

✓ 40-minute battery life

Learn more about the Razor
X Cruiser

Helmets & Gear for Beginners – Our Top Picks


TSG Pass Helmet

The perfect helmet for all e-boards, the TSG Pass helmet is an awesome e-boarders helmet for beginners. Boasting a full-face style and a visor, this TSG helmet is a bestseller and a customer favorite for all riders.

TSG Knee Pads

TSG knee pads and protective gear are a must for all beginners. As a newbie to electric skateboarding, finding your balance and getting used to the feel of your e-board will take time. TSG’s Knee Pad Force 3 pads are our top recommendation for all users looking for breathable slip on knee pads for skateboarding. With Velcro tightening straps and a hard-outer protective shell, these TSG Pads are perfect.

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