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About Us

Our Mission

Founded by ex-professional tennis players and top NCAA athletes, at the Electric Boarding Company, we intend to help you find the perfect electric skateboard, electric bike or electric scooter to make your commuter life or ride to class far more economical and enjoyable. After introducing some of the world’s most elite electric water sports products this Spring, here at EBC we can help you take your adventure to the water as well! With the renewable energy industry taking the lead in helping contribute to a more sustainable and efficient transportation system in cities or around campus’, at EBC we are here to help you find the product you love and look cool doing it! Reach out to us over the phone, message one of our in-house live chat reps, or Contact us via email and a first-class EBC expert will be there for you.

Meet the Electric Boarding Co. Team

Andrew Watson - Founder & Managing Partner

From: London, UK / Tampa, FL

Graduated from: University of Memphis (BA), Durham University (MSc)

Favorite Board: Vestar Night Fury

✓ "Bringing EBC to life has been our favorite project! Expanding into watersports as well as on land micro mobility products is exciting as we look to help each and every individual find the perfect product. It's not just about climate change, it's about a more sustainable and cost-efficient form of commuting."

Alex Knight - Founder & Managing Partner

From: Miami, FL

Graduated from: University of Michigan (BA)

Favorite Board: Skatebolt Breeze 2

"Growing up skateboarding in Miami and then having to run to class in the brutal winters of Ann Arbor. As an athlete I found I always needed a faster less tiring way of getting around campus. EBC I know will help others in the same position find a better way of getting around day to day!"

Aron Hiltzik - Founder & Managing Partner

From: Chicago, IL / Tampa, FL

Graduated from: University of Illinois (BA)

Favorite Board: Chargiot Bomb PEV

"Always a massive fan of e-bikes and biking, going on vacation in Colorado and Wyoming for the trails made me realize how awesome it really is! EBC has helped so many, including myself, find a new joy in being outdoors and not only spend quality time with family but riding also with friends!"

Erin Davis - After Sales Manager

From: Chicago, IL

Graduated from: University of Southern California (BA)

Favorite Board: Radinn Carve Phantom

“Having spent a number of years in Southern California, I discovered electric skateboards as a much better alternative to spending hours isolated in the car. Like most, I also became obsessed with surfing while in Cali. As I current reside in Chicago, I thought my surfing days were over until I started working at EBC and learned about electric surfboards like the Yujet and Radinn. I’m so happy to bring my background in customer service, logistics and brand management to a company like EBC that is helping people find fun and eco-friendly forms of transportation.”

Taylor Coffman

Taylor Coffman - After Sales Associate

From: Lake Mary, FL

Graduated from: Seminole State College for Business Management

Favorite Board: Backfire Ranger X2 All Terrain

“Since I was little, surfing and longboarding have always been a passion of mine. It was not until EBC, that I discovered the eco-friendly alternatives to my favorite hobbies. I am thankful to work for such an educated and professional team, who shares the same passion. EBC allows me to educate customers on these sustainable and cost-efficient alternatives to transportation. Proud to be an #EBCRider!”

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For more information on products, purchases, after-sales or you just want to get to know the Electric Boarding Company, Contact Us by email, give us a call at +1 (877) 347-5283 or drop us a message on live chat and we’ll be here to help!

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