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Can You Take Electric Skateboards On A Plane?


Electric skateboarding has become the world’s fastest growing trend along with electric scooters and bikes, that have monopolized nearly every city in the World to become the ideal form of urban commuter transport. However, with increased attention around the Samsung exploding phones, lithium ion batteries on board, e-cigarettes and more, aircraft safety is certainly got a tight leash on everybody with an e-board.

Why can’t you take it on board the aircraft?

The general fear around taking an e-board on a plane with you is simply safety. The last thing an anyone wants is an electric skateboard exploding mid aircraft. Inside a rechargeable lithium battery is a positive and a negative electrode separated by a thin sheet of microperforated plastic that prevents the two electrodes from touching. However, while a mobile phone may have only a single li-ion cell, electric skateboards have several, so you can imagine the worry. The explosion of lithium-ion batteries simply occurs when the plastic sheet erodes through heat and the cathode and anode connect causing a burst in energy. Whether it’s a manufacturing defect or the battery is placed somewhere close to a fireplace, either can have the same effect, which is why it’s recommended storing your board within certain temperatures at home and not riding them in extreme heat or extreme cold (varies on product). 

Which airlines have the strictest rules on e-boards?

Though you may have the desire to take your e-board with you abroad, to the mountains of Canada, or the foothills of the Andes, you have to account for flight restrictions as not every electric skateboard, longboard or penny board is legal to do so. The common thought that all electric skateboards with batteries of less than 160 Wh can be taken on a plane is not correct. Not all airlines permit the carry-on of electric longboards or battery powered electric skateboards all together, while others permit packing them separately. However, for all attempts to carry your electric skateboard on the aircraft we advise you obtain written permission first from your airline before you have to leave your e-board stranded at the airport. While more penny boards feature batteries with less power, there is the odd exceptionally powerful electric longboard that you can hit the road with.
Here’s a look at which airlines have the strictest battery policies:
United Airlines 
Battery < 100 Watt hours if it's a personal item. No more than 2 loose lithium ion batteries per person, totaling no more than 160 Watts. Allowed in checked bags. For loose lithium batteries in carry-on bags, you must individually protect each one to prevent short circuiting. To do this, you can place each battery in original retail packaging, separate plastic bags or protective pouches
American Airlines
Battery < 100 Wh – Unlimited quantity in carry-on bag. 100 - 160 Wh – 2 spares in carry-on bag - 160 - 300 Wh – Contact Special Assistance
Southwest Airlines
Must be transported if power bank only. Contact Southwest in advance to double check.
Electric skateboards are not allowed at all on Delta aircrafts
Batteries must not be separated from the product. 2 lithium batteries allowed per person in zip lock bags and must be 8 grams or less each.
100-100Wh batteries allowed on carry on and checked bags for all portable electronic devices.
Electric skateboards are not allowed at all on Allegiant aircrafts.
Alaska Air
Electric skateboards are not allowed at all on Alaska Air aircrafts
Check out our favorite electric skateboards that are airplane friendly HERE
Please note: Traveling with electric skateboards is something you should definitely pay serious attention to and all attempts to sneak a board or a spare rechargeable battery onto the plain is not advised as you could be putting not only your life but the lives of the entire aircraft at risk. Please be aware the rules do vary on airline. The product specifications should have the battery details. If you have any queries on whether or not it’s airplane legal for the flight you plan on taking or for a new purchase, Contact us and we can find the perfect travel board for you.
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