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The Electric Skateboard Beginners Guide Starter-Pack For New Riders

As you’ll soon come to realize electric skateboarding is a real rush of adrenaline, like dejavu to that time as a kid flying down beachfront boulevards and sidewalks on your basic little skateboard, only on steroids! For those looking to ride an e-board, whether it’s an electric penny board or an electric longboard, we have bestsellers, unique styles and many speeds to suite your next ride!

What to look for in your first E-Board…

  • The right type of Board decking

  • The ideal type of board decking for a new rider, is the longboard style. Although people like to think the smaller the board the easier the control, you will have less control over the carving and less surface area to hold onto the grip tap than compared to an electric longboard. Longboards typically feature bamboo, Canadian maple or carbon fiber board decks. These board materials (especially if combined) ensure excellent board resistance while also maintaining frontal and side flexibility so you can get the feel for the board a little easier. 

  • Wireless remote controller with various speeds. 

  • Although going 100 mph like you’re in the latest e-board version of the fast and furious movies may seem like a good plan, regulating the speed of your electric skateboard is vital. Most advanced electric longboards come featuring a wireless ESC remote that has various speed modes; typically, between 3 and 4 levels. Beginner all the way to advanced. The wireless remote also controls the board’s braking abilities which can be a lot sharper than you first realize so lean back and take it easy for a while! Although we have featured a few AI powered electric skateboards, the remote can often provide better control and feel for new e-boarders.

  • Find Space!

  • If you’re looking to get used to your brand-new electric skateboard, don’t go riding through Times Square, dodging and weaving traffic. Find some space, whether it’s a park or an empty boulevard and get the feel going up and down. Once you get the speed and the feel for the e-boards braking capabilities, you can then begin to work on carving. Find some slow-going corners and learn to carve. Before you know it, you’ll be an expert!

  • Safety First!

  • Please find yourself a helmet and elbow/knee pads and if you’re feeling extra frisky even a set of thick protective gloves for your next ride. Falling can sometimes be a part of the learning curve, but we want to make sure you’re as safe as possible on your electric skateboard so one day you’ll be teaching us how to ride! ORDER HELMETS AND GEAR HERE

    Our favorite electric longboards for new riders!

    Exway X1 Pro 

    The Exway X1 Pro is our latest edition and also excellent for all electric longboard riders. With an LED display that shows your battery percentage and also featuring 4 speed modes, it’s simply perfect. The X1 Pro also doesn’t feature the dual belt drive like the X1 Pro Riot, yet it encompasses shock absorbing grip tape and the squarer shape of the longboard range. However rather than a flat board decking, it’s concaved on the sides to keep your heels and toes on the inner decking at all times without slipping off. Soon enough you can blast up to 29 mph! The Exway X1 range is nothing shy of awesome for everybody! ORDER HERE

  • Ownboard W1S

  • the Ownboard W1S is their global bestseller and an affordable and classical electric longboard, only engineered by a global pioneer – Ownboard! Although you can still reach top speeds of 16 mph and a full range of 19 miles, this e-board is just excellent. It’s a lightweight longboard at only 17.2 lbs. and comes with various battery types to pick your most suitable model. We highly recommend the Sanyo Battery for that little extra range for those looking to carve for long periods. This electric skateboard features a 3-speed wireless remote and is ergonomically friendly for all users. ORDER HERE

  • Skatebolt Breeze 2

  • The Skatebolt Breeze 2 electric longboard is the coolest e-board on the riders’ market! With various hilarious promo videos and trend setting marketing campaigns on the West Coast, Skatebolt boards are catching on and becoming highly desirable electric longboards for all levels. Also, remote controlled, this jet-black electric skateboard can still reach speeds of 28 mph and reach a maximum 15-mile range. With replaceable front and rear wheels in its box, get a feel for which 90 mm PU wheels you like the most. Of all board decks, this bamboo/fiberglass combo board decking is very flexible and provides excellent stability to those first experiencing the rush! ORDER HERE

    All our products include free shipping and low prices! Don’t hesitate to contact a member of the Electric Boarding Co. Team and we will get back to you within 1 business day, whether it’s a week day or the weekend! We want to help YOU get your best electric skateboard. Email us at or give us a call at +1-877-347-5283.

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