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Benefits of Electric Bike Transportation


If you have always wished to commute to work using your bicycle but you dread the distance and the terrain, then I can assure you that adding an e-bike into your arsenal might just be the answer to your problems. Technological advancement has led to the development of a more efficient bike called the e-bike. Electric bikes or e-bikes as they are simply called are basically bikes with an integrated electric motor that helps to propel it. The good thing about the e-bike technology is that you can convert your normal bike into an e-bike by purchasing the required devices such as the battery and motor. There are different varieties of e-bikes available across different countries, ranging from the pedelecs – which are e-bikes with small motors that provide pedaling assistance to the rider – to more powerful e-bikes that are like mopeds in terms of functionality.

Although bike usage in most parts of the world has been limited to recreational purposes only, they still enjoy wide acceptance as a means of transportation in some countries such as the Netherlands and Belgium. So, why the hype about these electrically powered two-wheeled vehicles called e-bikes? This section seeks to explore the benefits of e-bikes over normal bikes.

The e-bikes are equipped with a battery-powered technology that provides you with an extra boost for pedaling, this helps you reduce stress and enjoy more pedaling time. For example, the ECOTRIC fat tire electric bike is a well-crafted e-bike with an aluminum alloy frame which makes it light weighted and durable altogether. This design ensures the bike can attain a minimum speed of 20 mph and can cover up to 35 miles when the 12Ah Lithium battery is fully charged. The good thing about this e-bike design is that with the pedal assist and throttle mode you get that extra boost for tough terrains such as mud, sand, dirt, hills and snow. This feature makes the ECOTRIC FAT Tire suitable for people of all ages and people with a health condition such as knee injuries and heart conditions.

Ecotric Fat Tire Electric Bike



The quest for efficiency in e-bikes has led to the design of a foldable form of e-bike. The ECOTRIC 2019 Swallow Fat Tire Foldable Electric Bike is a powerful and comfortable bike that offers you great efficiency coupled with portability. The 14-inch e-bike weighing about 175 lbs. can be folded into a compact size that fits into your car trunk or under a desk, so you can take your bike with you on vacations. This style of design is a must-have for bike lovers who are always on the go.


ECOTRIC 2019 Swallow Fat Tire Foldable Electric Bike



For safety reasons, most countries set their speed limits on e-bikes. The Ecotric bicycle sets have a programmable maximum speed when in power mode, so they could be adjusted to comply with the local regulations of any country. In addition to the programmable speed, most Ecotric bikes are equipped with the ECOTRIC’s Smart LCD Display, a Speed Sensor, and the Tektro Novela front and rear brakes to offer you better control and safety.


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