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3 Best Electric Bikes For Women

Bestselling Womens E-Bikes - Customer Favorites

Featuring some of the best electric bikes on the market, we have found the industries favorite urban e-bikes and all terrain electric bikes for your next ride. While finding a comfortable, lightweight and user friendly electric bike may be a challenge, our collection of women's e-bikes feature comfort seating, ergonomically friendly handle bars and adjustable seating to make sure you're travelling in comfort. With the added extras of LED safety lights and rear racks on some models, explore our accessories collection and add some bits and bobs to your new e-bike. 0% Financing is available! Traditionally more popular for women in our e-bike collection is the step through electric bikes.

Built for comfortability and cruising with easy access frames, the step through e-bikes are awesome. Featured some of our top e-bikes include the Himiway Cruiser Step Through, NAKTO Classic and the NAKTO Fashion foldable model. See below for some specs on the Top 3:

Why our EBC Lady Riders Love Electric Bikes

Step-Through Bikes

Easy Access - Step-through (or “step-thru”) electric bikes are a bestselling style for women looking for the perfect and comfortable e-bike model. Featuring a stylish and elegant design, step-through electric bikes have adopted the European style city bike to make sure you look sleek and stylish on the go! Also available in off-road fat tire models and foldable electric bikes, women’s e-bikes are truly a great mix of styles tailored to make sure your next ride is your best one yet.

Best Bike for Pregnant Women – Electric bikes are perfect for women of all demographics who are looking to exercise and get some fresh air during all stages of pregnancy. While step-through e-bikes are much easier access to. Get on, the same applies for de-mounting the bike to optimize comfortability. Electric bikes are also far less resistant and strenuous than your standard bicycle, meaning you can hit good speeds and save energy! Featuring top brands, 5-star reviews from our EBCRider women, browse our full collection and find yourself the perfect electric bike.

#1 - Himiway Cruiser Step-Thru Electric Bike

Himiway Cruiser Step-Thru

The Himiway Cruiser step-through electric bike is an EBC customer favorite and without a doubt our favorite womens electric bike. Naturally a comfy step-through and easy access model, this womens electric bike boasts immense range, premium quality components and extras including a rack and more! This e-bike for women is suitable for the off-road trails and a kickstand to take a break and get a few cool pictures n your adventure.

Top features include:

✓ All-Terrain compatible

✓ Includes rear rack & fenders

✓ Rider Height: 5’3’’- 6’4’’

✓ Lightweight Framework

Buy the Himiway Cruiser
Step-Thru here

#2 - NAKTO Classic Step-Thru Electric Bike

NAKTO Classic

The Nakto Classic electric bike has 5-star reviews and our lovely lady customers adore it! A west coast favorite and the perfect e-bike for the beach, this step-through electric bike for women is a great weekend cruiser. Featuring excellent range and a traditional European style city electric bike, this Nakto city is perfect for casual riders and all women. Also popular and comfortable for injury prevention, this pedal assist e-bike is soft on your joints.

Top Features include:

✓ Perfect Urban/Weekend Cruiser

✓ Basket Included

✓ 20-mile range

✓ Rider Height: 5’4’’- 6’2’’

Buy the Nakto Classic here

#3 - NAKTO Fashion Foldable Electric Bike

NAKTO Fashion

This foldable e-bike is a commuter favorite and for those looking to pack up their electric bike and hit the road! The Nakto Fashion electric bike is often great as a pair, and makes for the perfect light, medium to small sized electric bike for all heights. With a replaceable and removable rear slot battery, the Nakto Fashion electric bicycle doesn't come any more easy access. Affordable also at $699, this e-bike is not only popular amongst women but also urban commuters.

Top Features Include:

✓ Perfect for Commuting

✓ Lightweight and Portable

✓ Rear Rack Included

✓ Rider Height: 5’2’’- 6’2’’

Buy the Nakto Fashion here

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