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Best Electric Bike Racks 2023


About E-Bike Racks

Electric bikes have become the coolest new outdoor adventure sport in the West! With awesome new models, lightweight framework and a mix of shapes and styles, take your e-bike on the road on your next adventure!

Boasting elite e-bike rack brands such as Thule e-bike racks, KAC Overdrive models, Kuat hitch racks and Swagman racks, we have introduced a collection of bike racks perfect for you. While we always recommend removing the bike battery from the e-bike prior to mounting, we understand if the battery is non-removable, just be sure to keep an eye on the weight capacity. Check out our most popular hitch mounted e-bike racks and electric bike cargo racks!

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Best Premium Bike Racks

Kuat NV 2.0 Product Page

Kuat NV 2.0 - $699.00

The Kuat NV 2.0 bike rack is the top hitch rack in the community. Boasting patented technology to ensure that the Kuat’s premium features remain only available to them! The Kuat NV 2.0 has tilt technology, custom locks and unique design features.

Top Features Include:

✓ 60 lbs. weight capacity p/bike

✓ NV 2.0 Add-On Options

✓ 2 Color options

✓ 20’’ and 29’’ tires compatible.

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Kuat NV 2.0 Add-On Product Page

Kuat NV 2.0 Add-On - $359.00

The Kuat NV 2.0 Add-On hitch bike rack is the extender of the NV 2.0 standard edition. The unique technology native to the Kuat range is that the NV 2.0 model has the ability to add on extra bikes. With 1 and 2 extra bike rack extensions available.

Top Features Include:

✓ 60 lbs weight capacity p/bike

✓ NV 2.0 Add-On Options

✓ 2 Color options

✓ Installation instructions

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Kuat Piston Pro X Product Page

Kuat Piston Pro X - $1389.00

The Kuat Piston Pro X is Kuat’s most premium model and the most desired ebike rack of 2022. With rear LED lighting and RV compatible, this high capacity bike rack is suited for all bike tires of 18-29 inches. With one-tap opening technology and powder protective coating.

Top Features Include:

✓ 67 lbs. weight capacity

✓ Rear LED lighting

✓ 5’’ max tire width capacity

✓ One-tap opening levers

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KAC K2 Overdrive Product Page

KAC K2 Overdrive - $329.00

The KAC K2 overdrive a most affordable electric bike rack. The K2 Overdrive has a weight capacity of 60 lbs per bike, with a 2-bike holding capacity and a 5’’ max width capacity per tire. This ebike rack is a hitch format and has a 2’’ adapter connected to the rear.

Top Features Include:

✓ 120 lbs total weight capacity

✓ 54’’ max wheelbase capacity

✓ 44.8 lbs fully assembled

✓ Key locking system for stability

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KAC K4 Overdrive Product Page

KAC K4 Overdrive - $399.00

The K4 Overdrive model is also a 2’’ rear hitch and a 4-bike bestseller. Perfect for families and friends looking to adventure, this rack has a 240 lbs. payload capacity. With safety straps and a key locking system its heavy-duty steel framework is extremely stable while driving.

Top Features Include:

✓ 240 lbs weight capacity

✓ Padded frame hook clamps

✓ 2’’ hitch receiver

✓ Weight: 79 lbs assembled

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Swagman E-Spec Hitch Product Page

Swagman E-Spec Hitch - $359.00

The Swagman E-Spec series ebike racks are some of the most popular on the market. With the added strap around the tires, they’ve patented a design to keep your ebikes extra secure on the move. This hitch mount carries 2 bikes and a weight capacity of 70 lbs per bike.

Top Features Include:

✓ 140 lbs weight capacity (total)

✓ Fits 20-29’’ wheels

✓ 2’’ hitch receiver class

✓ Weight: 63 lbs assembled

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