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5 Best Electric Bikes - Gift Guide

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Best E-Bikes

Electric bikes have taken the market by storm in 2021 and have enabled consumers to trigger a healthier and more fun style of living, while saving time and money in the meantime.

Electric mountain bikes and foldable e-bikes for commuters are amongst the majority of favorites for all consumers looking to either escape into the wilderness and tackle steep hills or beat the early morning rush hour on their way to work. Featuring elite e-bike brands and models from all styles, colors and sizes, electric bikes boast rechargeable batteries, minimal maintenance due to their high-quality control and often an onboard display to keep track of speed, range and charge during your journey.

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#1 Ecotric Fat Tire Rocket – Best Fat Tire Electric Bike

Ecotric Fat Tire Rocket

The Ecotric fat tire Rocket electric bike is an industry pioneer and affordable off-road electric bike. Boasting thick, gravel and debris resistant tires (26 inches), an easy to use on board monitor and also a top of the range Shimano gear system, this powerful electric bike is made for all consumers between 5’2’’ or taller. The Ecotric e-bike is certainly powerful, but its dual front fork suspension allows for a little more comfort than the standard electric bicycle.

Top features include:

✓ 500W hub motor

✓ 35-mile range

✓ Tektro mechanical disc brakes

Price: $999

Learn more about the Ecotric
Fat Tire Rocket

#2 HeyBike Mars Electric Bike

HeyBike Mars

The HeyBike Mars electric foldable bike is a top seller as a new entrant and high-quality model. With fat tires built to cruise on sand and/or all-terrain paths, it’s a great weekend rider or commuting e-bike. The added benefit of its foldable nature is the Mars model can be stored in-office or be taken on the road with ease and safety. This foldable electric bike is also affordable compared to its competitors at a fair $999. Review videos and feedback on the HeyBike Mars is available.

Top features include:

✓ On board LCD display

✓ Weight: 66 lbs

✓ 0-5 level pedal assist

✓ 500W motor

Learn more about the HeyBike

#3 Magnum Pathfinder Electric Bike

Magnum Pathfinder

Magnum electric bikes have long been known for their high-quality control and long-range electric bike models. Targeting supreme bike components and added packaging strength, magnum e-bikes have 1st class customer feedback. The Magnum Pathfinder is one of the lightest heavy weight bearing step-thru ebikes (300 lbs payload), and targets comfortability with a padded VELO saddle. Featuring Shimano gears and Tektro mechanical disc brakes, the Pathfinder is a smooth and accessible step-thru ride.

Top features include:

✓ Rear rack + front and rear fenders

✓ Bigstone H102 Display

✓ 20-mile range

✓ 350W rear hub motor

Learn more about the Magnum

#4 Jupiter Discovery X7 Electric Bike

Jupiter Discovery X7

Jupiter’s X7 foldable electric bike model started off as an East Coast favorite and has spanned its popularity nationwide. With a very lightweight frame structure, it’s foldable nature and easy-access frame, the X7 is both a student and a commuter urban favorite. With a 350W brushless hub motor, this smaller e-bike generates an excellent 34-mile range for its size, boasting inflatable tires and on onboard display. The Jupiter X7 features an LED highlight built-in for night riders looking to stay safe and visible on the road.

Top features include:

✓ 275 lbs payload capacity

✓ Foldable for easy storage

✓ 20’’ inflatable tires

✓ Twist-grip throttle

Learn more about the Jupiter
Discovery X7

#5 Swagtron EB6 Electric Bike

Swagtron EB6

The Swagtron EB6 fat tire electric bike is #5 on our list as the top selling kids’ electric bike. Swagtron has designed the EB6 to give kids the feel for life on e-bikes while keeping it safe and balanced, which is where the fat tires come in! The 26’’ tires also help combat all-terrain pathways, sand/snow and cracks in the roads, because we all know how much kids love to explore! With a 20-mile range, and a 7-speed Shimano gear system, it remains high spec and more affordable than most kids electric bike models.

Top features include:

✓ 26’’ fat tires

✓ Dual disc brakes

✓ Weight: 48 lbs

✓ 264 lbs payload capacity

Learn more about the Swagtron

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