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5 Best Electric Bikes - Gift Guide

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Best E-Bikes

Electric bikes have taken the market by storm in 2021 and have enabled consumers to trigger a healthier and more fun style of living, while saving time and money in the meantime.

Electric mountain bikes and foldable e-bikes for commuters are amongst the majority of favorites for all consumers looking to either escape into the wilderness and tackle steep hills or beat the early morning rush hour on their way to work. Featuring elite e-bike brands and models from all styles, colors and sizes, electric bikes boast rechargeable batteries, minimal maintenance due to their high-quality control and often an onboard display to keep track of speed, range and charge during your journey.

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#1 Ecotric Fat Tire Rocket – Best Fat Tire Electric Bike

Ecotric Fat Tire Rocket

The Ecotric fat tire Rocket electric bike is an industry pioneer and affordable off-road electric bike. Boasting thick, gravel and debris resistant tires (26 inches), an easy to use on board monitor and also a top of the range Shimano gear system, this powerful electric bike is made for all consumers between 5’2’’ or taller. The Ecotric e-bike is certainly powerful, but its dual front fork suspension allows for a little more comfort than the standard electric bicycle.

Top features include:

✓ 500W hub motor

✓ 35-mile range

✓ Tektro mechanical disc brakes

Price: $999

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Fat Tire Rocket

#2 Himiway Cruiser – The Perfect His and Her Bike

Himiway Cruiser

The Himiway Cruiser and Himiway Step-thru electric bike make for the perfect e-bikes for couples. With both a black cruiser electric bike model and the white Himiway Step-thru Cruiser, these e-bikes are ideal for weekends rides on the trails, in the country, or even through urban jungles. All the Himiway models boast a light included and a bike rack on the rear already mounted and easy for usage. However, the one main attribute of these electric mountain bikes is their 60+ mile range, allowing for long journeys at half the energy expense.

Top features include:

✓ Both Cruiser and Step-Thru models

✓ 60+ mile range

✓ Twist-throttle assist

✓ 350 lbs payload capacity

Learn more about the Himiway

#3 Swagtron EB7 Elite – Best Foldable Electric Bike

Swagtron EB7 Elite

The Swagtron e-bike collection has long been at the forefront of US engineered electric bikes and the bestsellers in commuter electric bike models. The Swagtron EB7 Elite, and EB7 Plus models are the urban favorites amongst commuters. Lightweight e-bike models, foldable and portable as well, the Swagtron e-bike range is second to none. The added benefit of the foldable e-bikes is the security. No need for an on the street lock up, carry your e-bike into the office or classroom and store it right where you can see it.

Top features include:

✓ Throttle Assist available

✓ 16-inch city street tires

✓ Dual disc brakes

✓ Cruiser Control enabled

Learn more about the Swagtron
EB7 Elite

#4 Quietkat Jeep – Best Electric Mountain Bike

Quietkat Jeep

While unique to fat tire electric bikes, it’s important to know that while not all off-road electric bikes are built for the hills. However, the Quietkat hunting e-bike range and especially the all new Quietkat Jeep model, are electric mountain bikes that will change the way you see the valleys. With elite components such as 10 speed gears and 2 motor classes, this electric mountain bike also boasts 4-Piston Hydraulic Disc brakes to star sharp on the rocks.

Top features include:

✓ RockShox Monarch RL Rear Shock

✓ Load Capacity: 300 lbs

✓ 30-60-mile range

✓ Bestselling Hunting Electric Bike

Learn more about the Quietkat

#5 Razor MX350 – Best Kids Electric Motorbike

Razor MX350

Razor e-scooters are the Worlds #1 electric scooters for kids. With the Razor scooters collection boasting a few bestselling e-bikes as well, the Razor MX350 kids e-bike is the perfect electric motorbike for your kids. With cool colors and an easy to use safety throttle, this Razor MX350 motorbike is Razor’s pride and joy every holiday season. With a 140 lbs weight capacity it’s perfect for young kids and teenagers.

Top features include:

✓ 14 mph top speed

✓ Twist Throttle

✓ Retractable bike stand

✓ 30-minute battery capacity

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