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Best Electric Bikes for New York City

Best NYC Electric Bikes

Riding Electric Bikes In NYC

The electric bike (or ebike) market in NYC has catapulted the city to one of the Worlds most advanced electric mobility cities. With hundreds of thousands of daily commuters looking to evade an out dated and unhygienic subway system, e-bikes have posed as the perfect solution for NYC commuters and also weekend riders. Citi e-bikes have also swept NYC as a rental solution for all visitors and locals.

The most popular units in the Big Apple include the foldable electric bike series as well as the best delivery electric bikes. While commuters in NYC typically commute 3-10 miles per day on their ebike, range is not always the most vital component, unlike long distance adventurers. To enhance safety, portability and durability when riding an ebike in a city, picking the right electric bike is a must. Especially for Deliveroo or UberEATS riders, ebikes are now essential for saving time and energy to ensure you squeeze as many rides as you can cost efficiently.

For more information on browsing our best electric bikes for New York City, you can contact an ebikes expert at 1-877-347-5283, or check out our top models below!

E-Bikes in NYC - Important Factors

Best NYC Electric Bikes

  • ✓ Durability - With lots of turns, pot holes and stop start riding in Manhattan, all riders need to make sure their ebikes are durable enough to maintain their quality. More premium e-bike models and battery types that hold their range is recommended.
  • ✓ Safety & Security - Foldable electric bikes are a NYC favorite for this reason. With a foldable frame, you can carry your electric bike into the office and store it by your desk or even in your locker, to save it from any thieves on the streets!
  • ✓ Climate Resistant - NYC has a winter climate that can be pretty brutal! Ensuring your electric bike is IP water resistant or has tires that are capable of handling wetter conditions is recommended for rider safety.
  • ✓ Range - While range isn’t always an essential for short distance commuters, Manhattan does stretch to some 10-15 miles depending on your location. Ensuring your electric bike has the range capacity to get to and from work is vital.
  • ✓ Visibility - While the sun sets early in the winters, commuters in the city are highly recommended to have high visibility at night to protect themselves from traffic and pedestrians. Bike lights, helmet lights and rear LED lighting is always recommended.

Bestselling NYC Foldable E-Bikes

Rattan LM750 Product Page

Rattan LM750 - $1249

The Rattan LM750 is Rattan’s new customer favorite and bestselling Rattan model. Popular amongst delivery drivers, commuters, and weekend riders with its immense range. Step-thru frame, also suitable for customers with injuries.

Top Features Include:

✓ 750W Motor

✓ 60-80-mile range

✓ LCD on board display

✓ 4’’ off-road tires

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Jupiter X7 Product Page

Jupiter X7 - $1095

The Jupiter X7 foldable electric bike is a top selling foldable model. Light, easy to assemble and perfect for a wide user base. With a 350W brushless hub motor and a 275 lbs payload capacity, it’s perfect for weekend riders or urban commuters.

Top Features Include:

✓ 20’’ inflatable tires

✓ 6-speed gear shaft

✓ Twist grip throttle

✓ On-board LCD display

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Fiido D11
 Product Page

Fiido D11 - $979

The Fiido D11 is a crowdfunded mega-success. A sleek and attractive foldable e-bike and a classic commuter model, the D11 is very light, very portable and a top recommendation. Known for its immense 45+ mile range, it’s ideal for longer distance commutes.

Top Features Include:

✓ 250W hub motor

✓ Portable for office storage

✓ Lightweight aluminum-alloy frame

✓ 45-55-mile range

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MATE X Product Page

MATE X - $2999

The Mate X 17.5Ah electric bike is the most elite fordable ebike available to consumers in the US. Manufactured to supreme quality, this lightweight foldable fat tire is sensational. With an on-board display, a powerful 750W motor and capable of taking on any terrain!

Top Features Include:

✓ 55 to 65-mile range

✓ 20-mile throttle only range

✓ Smart LCD color display

✓ 7-level power assist modes

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Jupiter Defiant Product Page

Jupiter Defiant - $1395

The Jupiter Defiant electric bike features white and camo color models. The thick fat tires enable it to combat all-terrain surfaces, sand and beach environments also. Long range and higher load capacity for cargo.

Top Features Include:

✓ 300 lbs payload capacity

✓ Front & rear disc brakes

✓ 40-mile range

✓ 750W brushless hub motor

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HeyBike Mars Product Page

HeyBike Mars - $1099

The HeyBike Mars electric bike is a new edition to the ebike market and has soon become one of the most popular fat tire models. With a foldable, portable frame, durable 26’’ tires for all-weather and an advanced on-board display, this affordable ebike is perfect for NYC riders.

Top Features Include:

✓ 3 levels PAS system

✓ Weight: 66 lbs

✓ Range: 48 miles

✓ Rider Height: 5’2’’ to 6’4’’

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Best Cruiser Bikes for NYC

Aventon Aventure Product Page

Aventon Aventure - $1999

The Aventure ebike is the Aventon bestseller and comes in SoCal Sand, Camo Green and Night Black. Boasting an LCD smart onboard display and front fork suspension, this ebike is a comfy ride. With a wider comfortable seating, and step-thru design it’s an easy access model.

Top Features Include:

✓ Range: 45 miles

✓ Payload: 300 lbs

✓ 750W motor / 1130W peak output

✓ 5 PAS modes

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Aventon Aventure ST Product Page

Aventon Aventure ST - $1999

The Aventon Aventure ST is the top bike for riders looking for the easiest access framework and step-through designs. Excellent for patients recovering from injury. Premium specs, and range for price point, this ebike has front fork suspension to soften your ride and a smart LCD display.

Top Features Include:

✓ Range: 45 miles

✓ Payload: 300 lbs

✓ 750W motor / 1130W peak output

✓ 5 PAS modes

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Ecotric Rocket 2.0 Product Page

Ecotric Rocket - $1099.99

An upgrade from the Ecotric Fat Tire model, the Rocket boasts a slightly sleeker and step-thru framework design. Suitable for off-road riders, and weekend riders looking to explore and adventure. Boasts 5-star customer feedback.

Top Features Include:

✓ 500W motor

✓ Onboard LCD Display

✓ 35-mile range

✓ Weight capacity: 265 lbs

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Best Accessories for NYC Cyclists

Bern Hudson Helmet Product Page

Bern Hudson Helmet - $139.99

Staying safe and protected on the road is the #1 most important factor before you start dodging NYC drivers. The Bern Hudson is a MIPS award winning helmet design with air-ventilation, multiple shock absorbing layers, inner cushioned padding and various colors!

Top Features Include:

✓ Weight: 350 grams

✓ Vents: 13

✓ Fit system compass fit

✓ 6.6 lumens lighting

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Sigma Buster Headlight Product Page

Sigma Buster Headlight - $89.99

The Sigma Buster light is a great addition to all NYC commuters looking to head home after dark and stay visible on the roads. This model has an adjustable mount for the front handlebar or rear stem of your ebike. Long distance visibility and 6-13 hours of light time.

Top Features Include:

✓ 360-degree adjustable bracket

✓ 4 lighting modes

✓ Water resistant IPX4

✓ 70m beam range / 400m visibility

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Onguard Doberman Bike Lock Product Page

Onguard Doberman Bike Lock - $59.99

Safety concerns in major cities is always a top priority. For those not invested in a foldable e-bike, if you’re locking your bike to a street pole or bike rack, you’ll need the strongest bike lock of them all. The Onguard Doberman is premium rated and extremely weather resistant.

Top Features Include:

✓ Key lock design

✓ X2P Power double bolt lock

✓ 185cm x 12mm for extended frame locking

✓ Recommend rear tire locking

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