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Best Electric Dirt Bikes for Kids 2023

Best Electric Dirt Bikes for Kids Black Friday Sale 2022

About Electric Hunting Bikes

Electric dirt bikes are becoming a more prominent gift for kids around the holidays with more brands looking to make the move from gas to electric. While electric dirt bikes are also far more cost effective in the long term, they’re also quieter and a more enjoyable ride for younger riders between the age of 9 and 14.

Mototec electric dirt bikes are undoubtedly one of the markets pioneers in affordability, as well as a wide selection of sizing to fit the need of your child. Mototec features 4 best-selling electric dirt bike models, the 24V 500W Gazella, the 36V 500W, 36V 1000W and the bestseller, 48V 1500W dirt bike for older kids between the age of 12-17. While dirt bikes are enormous fun for users of all ages, there are lots of things to be mindful of, when buying your first electric dirt bike. Safety gear, terrain, climate and learning levels are vital to ensure your child or the rider is fully aware of the rules behind being a true dirt biker!

Best Electric Dirt Bikes for Kids Safety measures Mototec

Important Factors – Electric Dirt Bikes

✓ Safety Gear: It is vital that for all children (or adults for that matter), that safety is the no.1 priority before jumping onto a dirt bike and hitting the throttle. We strongly recommend looking at additional accessories for kids, such as helmets, knee pads, elbow pads, padded upper body and lower body clothes and supports to make sure they’re 100% covered in the event of impact.

✓ Terrain & Environment: For all beginner riders it is important that you always ride in environments you feel comfortable. Riding for the first time in the rain, is often difficult, therefore riding in fairly dry conditions is suggested for beginners. Also, with an electric dirt bike, ensure the battery is water resistant for children riding in wetter climates.

✓ Mindful of Rider Level: Starting on flat slopes, in an open area with minimal terrain, trees, rocks is a recommendation for all beginners to ensure that the level you are riding at fits the capacity in which you can handle. Often upgrading bike sizes can prove difficult to handle and maneuver due to the added weight. We recommend that all riders start with new bikes slowly, and ride for 30-45 minutes to get the feel for the handling, power and range of their new dirt bike. Only once a rider is an expert level, and on larger dirt bikes, do we suggest experimenting with more aggressive, and downhill trails.

Best Kids Electric Dirt Bikes – Sale

Mototec 24V Dirt bike Product Page

Mototec 24V Dirt Bike - $499.00

The Mototec 24V electric dirt bike is the bestselling kids electric dirt bikes. As it’s smallest edition it’s 24v 500W motor is perfect for young riders looking to learn and ride through extreme conditions! Rechargeable, lightweight and affordable.

Top Features Include:

  • ✓ 150 lbs. weight capacity
  • ✓ 3-speed modes
  • ✓ Front and rear disc brakes
  • ✓ 24V 500W motor

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Mototec 36V 1000W Product Page

Mototec 36V 1000W - $899.00

The Mototec 36V electric bike is the middle range of the Mototec electric dirt bike catalog. Built for younger teens, or kids looking for a boost up from their first ride, this electric dirt bike boasts a few excellent features, including a 15.5+ mph top speed, pneumatic tires and front shock absorbers.

Top Features Include:

✓ Suitable for riders aged 13+

✓ Weight capacity: 150 lbs

✓ Adjustable handlebars

✓ 0.2s throttle response time

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Mototec 48V 1500W Product Page

Mototec 48V 1500W - $902

The Mototec 48V electric bike is the top of the range and largest model for elder teens looking to accelerate their riding experience to new levels (literally!). At a higher price point, this ebike comes with hydraulic hyper sensitive disc brakes and a 12 inch ground clearance for more advanced all-terrain riding.

Top Features Include:

✓ Suitable for riders aged 13+

✓ Weight capacity: 150 lbs

✓ Seat Height: 27 inches

✓ 40 inch wheelbase

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Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket

Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket

The Razor kids electric dirt bike series are some of the bestsellers, and extremely affordable kids ebikes compared to most. A true Razor bestseller and an easy to use e-motorbike for kids, the Razor MX350 electric dirt bike comes boasting shatter resistant plastic to enhance safety and a chain driven hub motor that's easily controlled and not too powerful. With a 30-minute full charge at constant running speed this Razor scooter electric motorcycle is a wonderful present and addition to your kids toy collection.

Top features include:

✓ Speed: Up to 14+ mph (22 km/h)

✓ Run Time: Up to 30 minutes of continuous use

✓ Motor: High-torque, chain-driven

✓ Throttle: Twist-grip

✓ Brake: Hand-operated, rear

✓ Rider capacity: 140 lbs

Best Kids Dirt Electric Bikes for Sale

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