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Best Electric Scooters 2023

Best Scooters

Bestselling Electric Scooters 2023

Electric Scooters have taken the urban commuter market by storm. Providing a user friendly, and safe way of travelling through campus or on your way to work, e-scooters have monopolized the workforce transportation network for adults and teenagers.

Built from premium quality, electric scooters for sale have become a game changer for all city commuters. Allowing you to recharge your lithium batteries, these city e-scooters save you time, energy and money compared to commuting by subway, train or car. Not only can our famous electric scooter range save you thousands of dollars per year on transport costs, pick and choose your model, color and style – including seated electric scooters, to enable a healthier quality of life. Boasting top holiday deals on our bestselling escooters by Segway, Hiboy, Nanrobot, Turboant, and more!

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Bestselling Electric Scooters 2023

Hiboy S2 Pro Product Page

Hiboy S2 Pro - $498.99

The Hiboy S2 Pro electric scooter is a powerful long-range electric scooter. A student and commuter favorite. Foldable, lightweight and durable compared to many of its peers. 10’’ rubber tires and a wider platform for added stability.

Top Features Include:

✓ 25-30-mile range

✓ Weight: 36 lbs

✓ 2 Speed modes

✓ 350W hub motor

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Nanrobot D6+ Product Page

Nanrobot D6 - $1490

Nanrobot’s D6+ electric scooter model is our customer favorite Nanrobot e-scooter. With immense power, dual suspension and high-speed capabilities. It’s an up-market top of the range model for riders looking for the added thrill.

Top Features Include:

✓ 2 x 1000W Motors

✓ Weight capacity: 300 lbs

✓ 40 mph top speed

✓ ECO and Turbo mode

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Segway Max G30P Product Page

Segway Max G30P - $899.99

The newest and most powerful model and replacement of the Segway ES4 model. Built for durability and distance. The G30P Max Segway scooter is made for long commuting distances, weekend adventures or regular e-scooter users.

Top Features Include:

✓ 40-mile range

✓ 350W brushless motor

✓ 10-inch pneumatic tires

✓ 3 ride modes

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Bestselling Kids E-Scooters 2023

Mototec 800W Product Page

Mototec 800W - $799

The Mototec 800W electric scooter is a fat tire e-scooter that is built to resemble the Bat Mobile! With a 250 lbs weight capacity and a 13+ year old guideline, it’s ideal for teenagers. This e-scooter does have a widened seat and increased stability with its thick tires to ensure safety while riding around the local neighborhood.

Top Features Include:

✓ 22 mph top speed

✓ 10-degree hill climbing capabilities

✓ 5-15-mile range (weight dependent)

✓ Teenager favorite

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Razor E90 Glow Product Page

Razor E90 Glow - $199.99

The Razor E90 Glow is every kids’ birthday or Christmas dream! With neon red flashing lights, it’ll be. The hottest kids’ gift on the block! With 60 minutes of use and only a 10-mph top speed, it’s a safer and lighter e-scooter than the other Razor models. The E90 Glow is foldable and great as a road trip companion o trips with the family.

Top Features Include:

✓ Ages: 8+

✓ 120 lbs payload capacity

✓ 60 minutes of run time

✓ Weight: 21 lbs

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Hiboy S2 Lite Product Page

Hiboy S2 Lite - $369.99

The Hiboy S2 Lite electric scooter is built for light riders and young teenagers. While it is built to combat shorter distance, it comes with a more affordable price tag at $299. Easy to control and one of the lightest e-scooters at only 21 lbs.

Top Features Include:

✓ 250W motor

✓ Weight Capacity: 180 lbs

✓ 18 mph top speed

✓ Foldable

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Bestselling Seated E-Scooters 2023

Uberscoot 1600W Product Page

Uberscoot 1600W - $879

The Uberscoot 1600W is a more powerful addition to the Uberscoot e-scooters collection. With 11’’ pneumatic AT tires, the 1600W can combat off road terrain, dirt and rough inner-city roads. Front and rear suspension included and an adjustable scooter seat. It’s a closer range model but features a wider platform for seated rides.

Top Features Include:

✓ Brushless 1600W motor

✓ 265 lbs max payload

✓ 12-mile range

✓ Front and rear lights

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Hiboy S2 Seated Product Page

Hiboy S2 Seated - $479.99

The Hiboy S2 electric scooter is a customer favorite at EBC, and is an all-round, affordable and mid-tier electric scooter model. Tailored for close to mid-range commuters, students and young adults, the S2 also features an added seat model. To help longer distance commuters, or those recovering from injury. The padded seat is an extra $60.

Top Features Include:

✓ Weight: 29 lbs

✓ Range: 17-20 miles

✓ Max load: 260 lbs

✓ Seat Included: Yes

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Nanrobot D4+ 2.0 Product Page

Nanrobot D4+ 2.0 - $1399

The model prior to the D6+ model, the D4+ 2.0 electric scooter still remains Nanrobots top seller. More affordable and still capable of reaching long-ranges and high speeds. Equipped with 2 chargers and a 300 lbs payload capacity.

Top Features Include:

✓ 35 to 40-mile range

✓ Front and rear EBC Disc brakes

✓ On-board display

✓ 10’’ hybrid pneumatic tires

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Electric Golf Carts & Trolleys

Motocaddy M7 Product Page

Motocaddy M7 - $1499.99

The Motocaddy M7 is the newest addition. Advanced and durable, the Motocaddy M7 is popular amongst Tour level players and golfers of all levels. A foldable electric golf trolley with a long-range battery built to conquer any course and any terrain.

Top Features Include:

✓ Remote activated

✓ On screen course display

✓ Dual 230-Watt motors

✓ Lightweight: 32 lbs

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Motocaddy M5 Product Page

Motocaddy M5 - $1429.99

The Motocaddy M5 is a Motocaddy bestseller. With all the bells and whistles of the newest technology, the Motocaddy M5 model has 50,000 pre-programmed courses in its software. With on-screen smartphone alerts and a touchscreen display.

Top Features Include:

✓ 40,000 pre-loaded courses available

✓ Touch screen display available

✓ DHC technology

✓ Electronic parking brakes

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Cycleboard Golf board Product Page

Cycleboard Golf Board - $2999.99

Featuring a 60V high-torque geared hub motor, the Cycleboard is a top electric golf caddy used by all levels of golfers. The Cycleboard Golf cart has a simple to assemble, lightweight and boasts front storage for your golf bag, a wide and stable platform with 3 wheels to ride down the fairway (or rough!).

Top Features Include:

✓ 3 speed modes

✓ 30-40-mile max range

✓ Hydraulic rear disc brakes

✓ Foldable for portability

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Black Friday Scooter Gifts

Electric Scooters have never made a better gift for anybody this season. The perfect products for kids, commuters, adults, friends and family. With a wide variety of models, styles, ranges and speeds, contact an expert at or give us a call at 1-877-347-5283 and speak with an expert and see what the latest holiday sales are! Let us know exactly what you’re looking for an we’ll help you find the perfect scooter. Order soon to guarantee faster delivery.

Top Collections Include:

Electric Golf Caddies

Electric Mobility Scooters

Foldable Electric Scooters

Kids Electric Scooters

Seated Electric Scooters

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