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5 Best Electric Skateboards - Gift Guide

Find Yourself the Perfect Electric Skateboard. Featuring 5-star Customer Reviews.

Best E-Boards

The Best Electric Skateboards from our EBC Riders feedback. Featuring top brands like Meepo, Exway, and Evolve. Get great discounts and in stock and ready to ship to your location. The best electric longboards, electric penny boards in store and available.

Electric skateboards make for the ideal present for youngsters or commuters looking for a cooler and faster way to get to and from work or around campus. Beating the morning rush hour will never have felt so easy! Featuring 5-star customer reviews on these bestselling electric skateboards, and easy to use remote controllers, these e-boards are fast, agile and long range capable.

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Evolve Carbon GTR Electric Skateboard

Evolve Carbon GTR

About the Evolve Carbon GTR

The Evolve Carbon GTR is Evolve boards no.1 bestselling e-board. Boasting immense torque generated from it's dual 1500W motors, it can climb hills of a 30% gradient and features a weight capacity limit of 220 lbs. This AT longboard has a street PU wheel option, which makes for an awesome Boosted Stealth replacement. The Evolve e-board also has a 2 in 1 combo edition for those who like to conquer both urban and all-terrain environments. A high quality e-board, Evolve are engineered and produced in the US and are a customer favorite electric skateboard brand.

Top features include:

✓ Top speed of 24+ mph

✓ Max Range of 31+ miles

✓ Wireless remote controller with various ride modes

✓ Evolve Ceramic Precision Bearings

Learn more about the Evolve
Carbon GTR

Evolve Stoke Electric Skateboard

Evolve Stoke

About the Evolve Stoke

The Evolve stoke electric skateboard is the #1 Boosted Mini alternative model. Although budget models like the Meepo Mini 2 also post as a good option, Evolve’s Stoke model is far superior in quality and also in component performance. With a range of 10 miles, this mini electric skateboard is perfect for short commuters, campus riders and those looking to test the boards at the skate park!

Top features include:

✓ Weight: 17.9 lbs

✓ Top Speed of 22 mph

✓ 30% Gradient capability (GTR Mode)

✓ Bamboo/Fiber Glass Board Deck

Learn more about the Evolve

Exway Flex - #1 Best Selling Electric Skateboard

Exway Flex

The Exway Flex Electric Skateboard. A traditional longboard style and Exway's newest longboard model. Boasting awesome range, lightweight portability and an interchangeable motor (belt and hub motor), this e-board is agile and reliable with Exway's renowned engineering. Built with PU wheels to tackle urban terrain, this e-board is our 2021 bestseller and an EBC Favorite.

Top features include:

✓ Riot Belt drive train optional

✓ 20-mile range

✓ IP55 Waterproof rating

Upgraded board deck

Learn more about the Exway

Best Budget Electric Skateboard

Exway Flex

Enskate R2 Bamboard – Best Budget Electric Skateboard

Sitting at the best value for money of all electric skateboards of all, this high performing electric longboard by Enskate ships in 1-2 business days and provides all the excellent things you could want from an e-board. This budget e-board remains super lightweight and the perfect easy cruiser for beginners and intermediate level riders.

Top features include:

✓ Canadian Maple & Bamboo board deck

✓ 15-mile range

✓ 2 x 450 Watt hub motors

✓ 21 mph cruising speed

Learn more about the Enskate

Meepo V3 – Electric Skateboard for College Students

Meeop V3

Meepo, one of the biggest electric skateboard’s brands on the planet, is still near the top of the leaderboard with both speed, range, quality control and pricing. The Meepo V3 e-board, like the Meepo Mini 2 electric skateboard, is amongst one of the best budget boards in the business. Boasting a traditional electric longboard feel and 4 ride modes, this is the best easy urban cruiser, simple and sleek designed e-board you’ll find on the market.

Top features include:

✓ Extended Range option

✓ Regenerative brakes

✓ Lightweight at 16 lbs

Multiple ride modes

Learn more about the Meepo

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