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Best Electric Surfboards – The Radinn Collection

About Electric Surfboards

Electric Surfboards are the newest water sport phenomenon. Boasting incredible new e-surfboard brands from the US, Europe and corners of the globe, feel a rush that’s never been explored before. With a much easier form of travelling on water at high speeds, compared to windsurfing or water skiing, you can finally race on water at ease.

Featuring industry pioneers Radinn electric jetboards, a Scandinavian discovery and the all American YuJet electric surfboards, we’ve brought to you the ultimate collection. Including beginners’ electric surfboards that entail wider and more better buoyancy. Also featured are narrow and more aerodynamic models for expert riders and carvers. Capable of reaching top speeds of 20+ mph on water and rechargeable batteries, it’s the best water sports experience to date.

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#1 Radinn Carve Electric Surfboard


About the Radinn Carve

The Radinn Cave electric surfboard is simply brilliant. Built for agility and mobility on water, the Radinn Carve electric surfboard is a pioneer in the electric surfboard business. This e-surfboard comes with a standard and pro power pack model and boasts a top speed of 30 mph+. Weighing a little over 33 lbs, the Carve is light and portable and easy to use. A customer favorite model that’s for keen water sports lovers looking to get used to their first electric surfboard.

Top features include:

✓ Built in bumper guard

✓ Remote control speed

✓ Grip deck padding & foot straps

✓ 5-star customer feedback

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#2 Radinn Freeride Electric Surfboard


About the Radinn Freeride

The Radinn Freeride electric surfboard is built for speed and for versatility. With a little more power than the Radinn Carve surfboard, this jet board weighs a mere 26 lbs and hits the same top speeds. With multiple range packs that can fuel you up to 50 minutes on the go, the Radinn Freeride is a top seller for long rides. While the Radinn Explore and Carve models are for early to intermediate riders, the Freeride is a great surfboard for experts and natural water sports junkies!

Top features include:

✓ Multiple power packs

✓ Weight: 26 lbs

✓ 0-25 mph in less than 9 seconds

✓ All water capable

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#3 Radinn Explore Electric Surfboard


About the Radinn Explore

The perfect jet board for heavier riders or beginners looking for a balanced and comfortable ride, without too much carving, the Radinn Explore surfboard is the one for you. Still capable of reaching an immense 35 mph top speed, this wider electric surfboard has better buoyancy for heavier riders or youngsters looking to get on their first e-surfboard. With a 5-star versatility rating, it truly is the best all round model for first time buyers.

Top features include:

✓ Weight: 26 lbs

✓ Range: 25-45 minutes

✓ Perfect beginner surfboard

✓ All-water capable

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Radinn Electric Surfboards in Action

Radinn Boards – Pricing & Free Shipping


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Radinn boards are all securely shipped and prepared with multiple layers of protective padding to ensure full safety and minimal damage is incurred on shipment. The Radinn package may arrive in separate units if you have arranged for a power pack or separate accessories with your order. However, all Radinn boards are delivered right to your doorstep and require no additional clearing or procedures. Just place your Radinn board on charge just like anything else and hit the water! Don’t forget to send the EBC Team some pictures of your ride.

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