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Best Hunting Electric Bikes 2023


About Electric Hunting Bikes

Hunting electric bikes are the perfect way to explore the country and taking on your game like never before!

With quiet, smooth and long-range motors to propel you across fields, horizons and wet plains, we are taking a look at the 2 most popular hunting e-bike brands and seeing which one’s more deadly! With industry pioneers Quietkat and Rambo e-bikes going head to head on a hunt for the #1 spot, you’ll see what our EBC Riders think from their own experience!

Quietkat and Rambo both feature 5-star customer reviews, action videos and review videos. Also offering cargo trailers, rear bike racks, lights and on board displays, make sure you have all the bells and whistles for your next hunting trip. Although, with the versatility of fat tire bikes, brands like Aventon and foldable models from alternative brands are becoming increasingly capable of handling the off-road!

What to Consider When Buying a Hunting E-Bike

✓ Speed

The Speed of a hunting e-bike is essential. Not only do you want a hunting electric bike that goes 15+ mph, but you need one that also does it quietly. Both Rambo and Quietkat e-bikes are smooth fat tire e-bikes that are quiet and do not have the throttle sound of a traditional motorbike or kart. While remaining quiet during your off-road trek, an e-bike for hunting can certainly help you reduce the time wasted getting from A to B, while giving you access through all terrain grass and woods that your standard hunting buggy will not.

✓ Range

The Range on an e-bike is a vital aspect of hunting in the wild. With ranches and prey stretching across hundreds of miles, you don’t want to be in a position where hunting becomes too physically taxing. Both Quietkat and Rambo electric bike ranges, range from 40-70 miles, allowing you to spend the majority if not all your hunting day conserving energy and enjoying the ride!

✓ Design

What’s the one thing all hunting components and e-bikes have in common. Camouflage! Having a camo e-bike is a great way to stay invisible in the all-terrain environment. While pray finds it more difficult to spot you cruising through the landscape, it also compliments the quieter motor and allows you to get that much closer to the game you’re after.

✓ Tires

Fat tire electric bikes are the most common and account for the majority of hunting electric bikes used all over the World. Fat tire e-bikes allow for larger surface area, meaning your likelihood of getting stock in dirt, sand and debris is reduced significantly. Fat tires also help you climb and drop-down rocks and over roots, with a softer front suspension system that keeps the ride comfortable. As you can see all of Rambo and Quietkat electric bikes feature 16’’ or fattier tires.

Best Rambo Hunting Bikes

Rambo Savage Product Page

Rambo Savage - $1,999

The Rambo Savage electric bike is a top-selling e-bike for hunters. Although no front fork suspension is featured on this off-roader, its 26’’ fat tires, premium Bafang motor and design allow you to sneak up on your prey in silence. The Savage is capable of towing smaller trailers and your game crosses the plains at ease.

Top Features Include:

✓ Bafang BBS02

✓ 750W motor

✓ 35-mile range

✓ 300 lbs weight capacity

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Rambo Roamer Product Page

Rambo Roamer - $3,499.99

The Rambo Roamer is as fierce as it looks. A higher spec model compared to the affordable hunting bikes, the Roamer hunting e-bike has a 750W Bafang motor, GT hydraulic brakes, and front fork suspension to soften your ride. This e-bike also comes in camouflage and has Krusade anti-puncture tires to blend into the wild.

Top Features Include:

✓ 35-mile range

✓ 19’’ frame size for added stability

✓ Weight: 63 lbs

✓ 300 lbs weight capacity

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Rambo Bushwacker Product Page

Rambo Bushwacker - $4,399.99

Alike to the Rambo Roamer in style, the Bushwacker electric bike is similar in performance, though features a dry camo style exterior. It boasts elite Maxxis Minion fat tires and weighs a mere 66 lbs. With a 750W Bafang motor, it can power up hills and through rougher terrain to help support hunters of all levels.

Top Features Include:

✓ Rambo Custom built chain rim

✓ Digital on-board display

✓ Tektro hydraulic piston brakes

✓ 300 lbs weight capacity

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Best Quietkat Hunting Bikes

Quietkat Jeep Product Page

Quietkat Jeep - $5499

The Quietkat Jeep e-bike is their exclusive Jeep Partnered electric fat tire bike. With a powerful 750W motor, the full suspension Jeep ebike is built to hunt and combat all-terrain trails. Commonly used amongst avid cyclists and those looking for elite specs and highly efficient performance. Charcoal design and immense climbing power.

Top Features Include:

✓ 750W Nominal Motor

✓ 10-speed gears

✓ 30+ mile range

✓ 300 lbs payload capacity

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Quietkat Ranger Product Page

Quietkat Ranger - $2899

The Quietkat Ranger is Quietkat’s more affordable hunting electric bike and their #1 bestseller. In high demand around the World, it’s got the perfect payload to tie your hunt or tow your cargo trailer. With Kenda Juggernaut fat 26’’ tires, front fork suspension and multiple motor options, it’s easy to tailor and excellent for all-terrain rides.

Top Features Include:

✓ 750/1000W motor options

✓ On-board display

✓ Poseidon Sandstone cameo color

✓ 325 lbs payload capacity

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Quietkat Ridgerunner Product Page

Quietkat Ridgerunner - $5199

The Quietkat Ridgerunner is one of Quietkat’s most elite hunting electric bikes. Ideal for those looking to upgrade from the Ranger models and seeking more elite modifications. With a 1000W mid-drive motor, and a center shock absorber full-suspension frame, it’s extremely comfortable for riders going across difficult terrain.

Top Features Include:

✓ 1900W peak output

✓ 9-speed gears

✓ Weight: 79 lbs

✓ 300 lbs payload capacity

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Alternative Fat Tire Hunting Bikes

Aventon Aventure Product Page

Aventon Aventure - $1699

The Aventure ebike is the Aventon bestseller and comes in SoCal Sand, Camo Green and Night Black. Boasting an LCD smart onboard display and front fork suspension, this ebike is a comfy ride. With a wider comfortable seating, and step-thru design it’s an easy access model.

Top Features Include:

✓ Range: 45 miles

✓ Payload: 300 lbs

✓ 750W motor / 1130W peak output

✓ 5 PAS modes

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Eunorau FAT-HS 1000 Product Page

Eunorau FAT-HS - $2159.99

In 17- and 19-inch frame sizes and multiple colors to choose from it’s the ultimate off-road conqueror. Featuring a rear taillight and thick 26-inch Kenda tires. 

Top Features Include:

✓ Shimano Deore 9-speed shifter

✓ 1000W Bafang motor

✓ 40-mile range

✓ Full suspension & shock absorber

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Jupiter Defiant Product Page

Jupiter Defiant - $1195

The Jupiter Defiant electric bike features white and camo color models. The thick fat tires enable it to combat all-terrain surfaces, sand and beach environments also. Long range and higher load capacity for cargo.

Top Features Include:

✓ 300 lbs payload capacity

✓ Front & rear disc brakes

✓ 40-mile range

✓ 750W brushless hub motor

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Quietkat- Behind the Brand

Rambo Savage Review Video

Comparing Performance – Rambo E-Bikes vs Quietkat E-Bikes

Rambo Electric bikes and Quietkat electric bikes both are certainly the best hunting e-bikes on the market. With premium quality motors and a quiet, long range nature of design, this camo e-bikes are user friendly, throttle powered so it’s less taxing on the body and also designed with the best framework and components to ensure premium quality control. Comparing Rambo bikes and Quietkat, check out the Pros and Cons below:

Pros and Cons

Best Hunting E-Bike Brands – EBC’s Insights

The best hunting e-bike should certainly be defined by its quality and control over its price but also, it’s pure function and capabilities in the wild, getting you to and from your game and carrying all your required gear along with you. Quietkat and Rambo bikes both have rear racks and gear items as add-ons to enhance this factor. However, the added elite bike components such as the higher quality Tektro piston disc brakes or the added custom chain ring and the premium Bafang motor is certainly just a few factors that justifies the price difference between the Rambo’s extra $2000 over the Quietkat bike. However, while these may be considered excellent features, it is the range and the mid-drive quiet motor that fuels the Rambo’s success in the wild, and though the Quietkat Ranger e-bike is a bestseller and great e-bike for hunting, the Rambo Rebel is EBC’s #1 favorite.

Best Hunting Hitch Racks for E-Bikes

The best electric bike racks for hunting are available at EBC! EBC has partnered with Tiger Bike Racks to also bring to you supreme load bearing ebike hitch racks. However, it is not only vital that every rack has the capability to handle fat tires and their weight but is also water resistant. The Tiger X2 electric bike rack has a waterproof cover that accompanies it's package to allow even winter or tropical adventurers to feel at ease with their electric bikes travelling during the rain! Our top hitch rack models can be found here: BEST E-BIKE HITCH RACKS

Best hitch racks include: 

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