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Best Naish Inflatable SUP's

About Naish SUP Boards

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Naish paddle boards have long been known for their high quality, and very versatile selection of stand-up paddle boards. Boasting various SUP types, including composite SUP’s, inflatable SUP’s and beginner models, they’ve got them all!

Inspired and created by surf legend Robby Naish, a superstar for all water sport’s lovers, Naish boards were designed to enable all consumers of all levels to experience the same rush. As we look to explore which Naish stand up paddle boards are our customers favorites, we’ll be checking out the best inflatable Naish models available for 2021. Boasting racing models, leisure models, surfing SUP’s and more!

For more information on finding yourself the perfect Naish SUP, contact a Naish expert at or give us a call at 1-877-347-5283.

#1 Naish One Air Inflatable SUP

Naish One

About the Naish One Air

The Naish One Air is Naish’s bestselling inflatable stand up paddle board. With a wonderful streamlined design, it’s built for agility and speed and is a user favorite. This inflatable model has a second layer stringer and dual rails that help you carve your way through water at ease. The Naish One Air can be deflated and carried in a backpack and re-ignited at your destination. Excellent for passionate SUP riders and paddle board racers.

Top features include:

✓ 10-inch slide in fin (tool-less) included

✓ Added length (12’6’’) for speed

✓ Superior stiffness

✓ 2 color schemes

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#2 Naish Alana Air inflatable SUP

Naish Alana

About the Naish Alana Air

The Naish Alana Air Inflatable SUP is a women’s SUP bestseller. This inflatable stand up paddle board has a very versatile audience of leisure users and those looking to trek long distances on water. The Alana Air comes in a 10 ft and 11 ft model. Featuring also added deck handles, this easy to use and lightweight SUP is a customer favorite. Excellent also for paddle board yoga, it has a wide outline, making it easy for added balance. With bright and vibrant color schemes, this SUP is a lady’s gem, and is also portable. Simply deflate your paddle board for easy storage anytime, and take it with you on your next summertime adventure.

Top features include:

✓ US fin box

✓ High pressure rated – superior stiffness

✓ Cargo Bungee included

✓ Touring shape

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#3 Naish Nalu Air Inflatable SUP

Naish Nalu

About the Naish Nalu Air

The Naish Nalu series is the top selling of all Naish Paddle boards. While Naish’s composite Nalu range and the 10’10’’ model is the #1 bestseller, their inflatable range is hardly shy of brilliant. With an overall well balanced and long, 10 ft or 11 ft touring style, this SUP is perfect for leisure users. Labelled the “Inflatable all-round” it’s a consumer favorite seaside or lake usable stand up paddle board. Super lightweight and built for easy storage use. Popular amongst men and women, or those looking to take their dog along on their next adventure!

Top features include:

✓ 10’6’’ or 11’6’’ sizing available

✓ High pressure rated – superior stiffness

✓ Cargo Bungee included

✓ All-round useable

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#4 Naish Glide Fusion Inflatable SUP

Naish Glide Fusion

About the Naish Glide Fusion

The Naish Glide Fusion Inflatable stand up paddle board is built for endurance. The perfect paddle board for long journeys, this arrow shaped board comes is both a 12ft and 14ft available models. With its touring shape and added cargo straps, the Glide Fusion is built for long journeys. With a carbon or regular paddles to follow you on your journey, this Naish SUP is tailored to enable further distance per stroke. Perfect for the avid explorer, don’t forget your Naish pump, and take your paddle board with you on your next adventure!

Top features include:

✓ 12ft, 12.6ft and 14ft models available

✓ High pressure rated – superior stiffness

✓ Extra cargo straps included

✓ Anti-slip material

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Glide Fusion

Naish Inflatable SUP - Review Video

Naish is well known for Robby Naish’s inspirational presence in the windsurf community. While various users prefer the leisure models, touring and cruising paddle boards, Naish also boasts the Worlds best Carbon racing SUP's. Used by World champions, take a look at the racing SUP's for those looking to compete. With various product types, weights, sizes, styles and accessories, take a look at our full collection of stand-up paddle boards. 

Other Models Include:

✓ Composite Paddle Boards

✓ Inflatable Paddle Boards

✓ Paddles & Pumps

✓ Carbon Inflatable Racing SUP's


For more information on finding yourself the perfect Naish SUP, contact a member of staff at or give us a call at 1-877-347-5283. Customer reviews, action videos and product reviews included.

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