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Best Electric Bike Deals 2023

Black Friday Electric Bikes Sale

Finding the right electric bike can be a challenge, but this holiday we’re releasing this article to help you choose which ebike could be best for you this holiday season. Whether you’re looking for a foldable electric bike in inner city areas, or a fat-tire to explore the country, we have a wide selection of all styles to ensure your ebike is tailored to your requirements.

There are some very important things to consider when purchasing an electric bike for the first time:

✓ Battery Range - The range of your electric bike is vital to the success of your journey. Measure you’re commuting distance, or your average adventure distance, and ensure you can survive the trip on a single charge!

✓ Frame Sizes - The size of the frame, or the size of the bike is important. Always ensure you read the product specifications to ensure the bike is going to be comfortable enough to fulfill your requirements.

✓ Tire Width - Your ebike tires are important as they’ll be tailored to your riding terrain. We recommend fat tires or full-suspension mountain bikes for those looking to test off-road rides. Consult a member of staff to ensure your model is compatible to your riding conditions.

✓ Customer Reviews - Be sure to check customer reviews to focus on the best electric bikes recommended by our EBC Riders. Often reviews speak not only for quality control but also attributes and downfalls of certain models that may affect your riding experience.

#1 Best Brand – Aventon E-Bikes

Aventon Electric Bikes

Our No.1 electric bike brand for sale this fall is the Aventon electric bike collection. Extending our Black Friday sale to our customers, we want to ensure our rider safety as well as ensuring our customers get the best quality products on the market. Aventon have been pioneers in the ebike space since the beginning and we believe their models have had the best responses from EBC riders in the past 6 months pushing them to the No.1 spot on our Holiday list!

A few reasons why we love Aventon Bikes:

✓ Quality control - Aventon have excellent packaging on all their products, and all their batteries, motors and components are tested prior to shipment to ensure their quality control measures are met.

✓ Model variations: - Aventon models ranges from the Aventon Aventure fat tire all the way to the foldable step-through Sinch models. Having diversified their catalog over time, Aventon have made ebikes tailored to all users. The Pace 500 models have released a next-gen model as well as the step-over and step-through variations to facilitate all riders.

✓ Components - Aventon components are excellent. They ensure they’re always using updated technology for both motors, lithium batteries, gears, suspensions and more. These are all tested prior to packaging to ensure 100% functionality is achieved.

✓ Engineer Assistance - Aventon’s engineers and customer service staff are nothing shy of 1st class. Offering an immense 5-year warranty on all manufacturing defects, Aventon’s engineers will help not only with repairing any defects post-diagnostic but also providing tutorials and guidance for further assistance.

Best Fat Tire E-Bikes – Holiday Clearance Sale

Quietkat Ranger Product Page

Quietkat Ranger - $2,899

The Quietkat Ranger is Quietkat’s more affordable hunting electric bike and their #1 bestseller. In high demand around the World, it’s got the perfect payload to tie your hunt or tow your cargo trailer. With Kenda Juggernaut fat 26’’ tires, front fork suspension and multiple motor options, it’s easy to tailor and excellent for all-terrain rides.

Top Features Include:

✓ 750/1000W motor options

✓ On-board display

✓ Poseidon Sandstone cameo color

✓ 325 lbs payload capacity

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Rambo Savage Product Page

Rambo Savage - $1999.99

The Rambo Savage electric bike is a top selling e-bike for hunters and riders. It’s 26’’ fat tires, and premium Bafang motor will allow you sneak up on your prey in silence. The Savage is capable of towing smaller trailers and your game cross the plains at ease.

Top Features Include:

✓ Bafang BBS02

✓ 750W motor

✓ 35-mile range

✓ 300 lbs weight capacity

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Aventon Aventure Product Page

Aventon Aventure - $1699

The Aventure ebike is the Aventon bestseller and comes in SoCal Sand, Camo Green and Night Black. Boasting an LCD smart onboard display and front fork suspension, this ebike is a July 4th pioneer. With a wider comfortable seating, and step-thru design it’s an easy access model.

Top Features Include:

✓ Range: 45 miles

✓ Payload: 300 lbs

✓ 750W motor / 1130W peak output

✓ 5 PAS modes

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Best Foldable E-Bikes 2023

Rattan LM750

Rattan LM750 - $899

Like the Rattan LM750, the 500W edition simply boasts a more affordable bike model with a smaller motor. Still capable of incredible distances, but suitable for riders without the requirement for additional power or acceleration.

Top Features Include:

✓ 60-80-mile range

✓ IPAS regenerative braking

✓ 3’’ off-road tires

✓ 500W motor

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Jupiter X7 Product Page

Jupiter X7 - $1295

The Jupiter X7 foldable electric bike is a top selling foldable model. Light, easy to assemble and perfect for a wide user base. With a 350W brushless hub motor and a 275 lbs payload capacity, it’s perfect for weekend riders or urban commuters.

Top Features Include:

✓ 20’’ inflatable tires

✓ 6-speed gear shaft

✓ Twist grip throttle

✓ On-board LCD display

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Fiido D11
 Product Page

Fiido D11 - $799

The Fiido D11 is a crowdfunded mega-success. A sleek and attractive foldable e-bike and a classic commuter model, the D11 is very light, very portable and a top recommendation. Known for its immense 45+ mile range, it’s ideal for longer distance commutes.

Top Features Include:

✓ 250W hub motor

✓ Portable for office storage

✓ Lightweight aluminum-alloy frame

✓ 45-55-mile range

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Best Step-Through E-Bikes Sale

Aventon Level 2 ST Product Page

Aventon Level 2 ST- $1,949.00

The Aventon Level 2 Step-Through ebike is a customer's choice. With thinner road tires, the step-thru is designed for urban terrain and cargo, as it comes equipped with a rear cargo rack. Perfect commuters bike, with a 300 lbs payload capacity and smart M5 LCD display.

Top Features Include:

✓ 500W motor / 750W peak output

✓ Weight 62 lbs

✓ Step-thru aluminum framework for easy access

✓ Range: 40 miles

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Aventon Aventure ST Product Page

Aventon Aventure ST - $1699

The Aventon Aventure ST is the top bike for riders looking for the easiest access framework and step-through designs. Excellent for patients recovering from injury. Premium specs, and range for price point, this ebike has front fork suspension to soften your ride and a smart LCD display.

Top Features Include:

✓ Range: 45 miles

✓ Payload: 300 lbs

✓ 750W motor / 1130W peak output

✓ 5 PAS modes

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Nakto Classic City Product Page

Nakto Classic City- $799

The Nakto Classic city electric bike is a favorite electric step-thru bike for our EBC Lady riders. In a European style and easy access frame, this e-bike is perfect for mid-distance cruising on concrete terrain.

Top Features Include:

✓ 18-20-mile range

✓ LED on-board display

✓ 3-speed modes

✓ 250 lbs payload capacity

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Best Kids E-Bike Gifts Sale

Swagtron EB6 Product Page

Swagtron EB6 - $899

The Swagtron EB6 is a top seller for all young kids and teenagers. A traditionally safe and durable fat tire electric bike. Easy to learn and easy to ride. Affordable for a holiday gift, the Swagtron EB6 is the #1 kids fat tire model.

Top Features Include:

  • ✓ 15.5+ mph top speed
  • ✓ 20 – mile range
  • ✓ Shimano 7-speed SIS gears
  • ✓ Dual disc brakes

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Jupiter X5 Product Page

Jupiter X5 - $995

The Jupiter X5 e-bike is Jupiter’s smallest foldable e-bike model. Built for commuters, local riders and tires made for hard, concrete surfaces. This super-lightweight foldable ebike is great has surprisingly long range and is perfect for students.

Top Features Include:

  • ✓ 30-mile range
  • ✓ 3 ride modes
  • ✓ Twist grip throttle
  • ✓ Rear shock suspension

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Mototec 24V Dirt bike Product Page

Mototec 24V Dirt Bike - $499.00

The Mototec 24V electric dirt bike is the bestselling kids electric dirt bikes. As it’s smallest edition it’s 24v 500W motor is perfect for young riders looking to learn and ride through extreme conditions! Rechargeable, lightweight and affordable.

Top Features Include:

  • ✓ 150 lbs. weight capacity
  • ✓ 3-speed modes
  • ✓ Front and rear disc brakes
  • ✓ 24V 500W motor

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