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4 Best Boosted Board Alternatives – Electric Skateboards

No more Boosted Board? We’ve found you the best Boosted Board alternatives from top brands. Free and Fast Shipping!

While the Boosted electric skateboard collection boasts various competitors for the closest and best Boosted board alternatives, Vestar electric skateboards have rivaled the fallen King, but with a little more Juice!

While Boosted electric skateboards boasted power, endurance and premium engineering, Boosted's expensive e-board range was proven unaffordable for your standard consumer looking to buy a cost-efficient long-range electric skateboard. While Boosted's best sellers the Boosted Stealth and the Boosted Mini X sold by the hundreds, our customers came to us to find the perfect electric skateboard that was as powerful, as dynamic, and far more affordable.

Contact an electric skateboard expert today at 1-877-347-5283 and we’ll help you find the perfect Boosted Board alternative. See below for our Top 4 Boosted Board alternatives:

#1 Boosted Board Alternative - Evolve Carbon GTR Electric Skateboard

Evolve Carbon GTR

About the Evolve Carbon GTR

The Evolve Carbon GTR is Evolve boards no.1 bestselling e-board. Boasting immense torque generated from it's dual 1500W motors, it can climb hills of a 30% gradient and features a weight capacity limit of 220 lbs. This AT longboard has a street PU wheel option, which makes for an awesome Boosted Stealth replacement. The Evolve e-board also has a 2 in 1 combo edition for those who like to conquer both urban and all-terrain environments. A high quality e-board, Evolve are engineered and produced in the US and are a customer favorite electric skateboard brand.

Top features include:

✓ Top speed of 24+ mph

✓ Max Range of 31+ miles

✓ Wireless remote controller with various ride modes

✓ Evolve Ceramic Precision Bearings

Learn more about the Evolve
Carbon GTR

#2 Boosted Stealth Alternatives – Vestar Night Fury

Vestar Night Fury

About the Vestar Night Fury

While the Boosted Stealth dominated the electric longboard style for quite some time, like the Boosted Mini X replacement the Vestar Mini, this Vestar Night Fury electric skateboard has adopted the sleek, dark e-board grip tape, and made a powerful e-board that’ll blow you away. At less than half the price of the Boosted Stealth’s $1599, the Vestar Night Fury boasts the same if not better specs and sells at $699 with multiple drive options.

Top features include:

✓ Cruiser and Turbo Belt Drive options

✓ 2X1500W motors

✓ 30-mile range (Cruise edition)

✓ 26 mph top speed

Learn more about the Vestar
Night Fury

#3 Meepo Mini 2 Electric Skateboard – Boosted Mini X Alternative

Meepo Mini 2

About the Meepo Mini 2

Boasting similar style to the Vestar Mini and the Boosted Mini, with a smaller, sharper electric skateboard around city streets or campus highways, the Meepo Mini 2’s performance ousts them all, with a phenomenal range and speed of 29 mph, this affordable eboard is fueled by a lighter dual hub motor. Meepo board have been major players in the e-board industry for roughly 2 years, and the Mini 2 electric penny board remains EBC’s #1 selling small electric skateboard.

Top features include:

✓ 20-mile range (ER)

✓ MR Screen remote

✓ Regenerative braking

✓ 300 lbs. payload capacity

Learn more about the Meepo
Mini 2

#4 Exway Flex Electric Skateboard – Boosted Board V2 Alternative

Exway Flex

About the Exway Flex

The Exway Flex electric skateboard is an EBC customer favorite and an awesome ride. With the Boosted Board famous for its high-quality deck, the Exway Flex also lives up to its name with its bamboo and fiberglass combo board decking designed to absorb shock waves through its newer foam grip tape. Capable of climbing steep hills, the Exway Flex e-board is the perfect longboard shape, style and specs for all levels of riders. A true customer favorite and all-rounder.

Top features include:

✓ Hub and Belt Drive options

✓ New Exway twist truck

✓ 24 safety sensors

✓ 20-mile range & 25 mph top speed

Learn more about the Exway

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