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Electric Scooters vs Electric Bikes

As the population of inner cities rises every year, the traffic does too! Don’t you hate getting stuck in traffic EVERY DAY on your way to work? Electric transportation through cities around the United States has helped provide a more sustainable and practical method of commuter transport. Electric scooters and electric bikes are our favorite method of avoiding the morning rush hour and riding to work, traffic free and in style!

Here are some of the benefits of commuting to work with an Electric Scooter vs an Electric Bike:













Charge Time







As we can see, Electric Scooters have a few more benefits to urban commuters looking for a simple, functional and affordable means of transport.

Scooters are certainly more practical for commuters of the following type:

  • Those working in an office (Can fold under a desk to a smaller size than an E-Bike)
  • Shorter Commuting distances (no seat vs an E-Bike)
  • Busier and narrower streets

However, for those in the following positions, I would recommend E-Bikes:

  • Longer commuting distances (3 miles +) as it’s a more comfortable ride
  • Range is further, again benefiting those travelling more than 3 miles to work
  • Faster (as long as your pedaling, though only by +3mph roughly)
  • Delivery jobs involving multiple trips p/day. With better range and a more comfortable journey it’s more user friendly than an E-Scooter.
  • Commuters who spend time journeying in Rain or Snowy conditions. E-Bikes are more weather resistant and durable than Scooters. They also come in off-road fat tire models.
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