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Electric Bikes For Beginners Guide 2020 - How To Pick

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Let’s talk about electric bikes. Other than the fact that they are extremely fun, fast and furious, they are equally practical and reliable. Our e-bike collection contains a huge variety of the most advanced e-bikes for sale, from foldable bikes for city commuting, robust electric mountain bikes to stylish everyday city e-bikes. There is no doubt we have one suited to you and your individual lifestyle.

Some of our leading brands include Nakto, Rambo and ECOTRIC Bikes. Our e-bikes come in a range of speeds, from 18-25mph and can ride for hours before their rechargeable battery needs a little more juice. The high-tech features of our electric bikes include Smart LCD Displays, speed sensors and state of the art IPAS technology. Our collection features a huge range of color choices and with free shipping you can now spend more on accessorizing your e-bike with new gear. Electric bikes are the new must-have for having fun whilst getting around in style, not to mention an e-bikes carbon footprint is almost zero! So, whether you want stye, practicality, off-road capabilities or just a badass electric bike, we have everything you need right here.

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Rambo Electric Bikes in Action

Pedal Assist Electric Bikes

Pedal assist electric bikes are the most popular form of e-bike out there. Pedal assist operation is designed to turn on the electric motor to help you pedal more easily, rather than using a hand activated throttle. We have countless pedal assist electric bikes available on our site, one of our most popular being the Nakto Classic City electric bike which reaches a range of 20 miles! Pedal assist e-bikes allow you to ride like normal, just with less effort. Meaning you can ride your electric to work but still arrive presentable and without a red hot face!

This function makes riding down sea front drives and boulevards all the more enjoyable, allowing you to ride effortlessly. Many of our e-bikes include pedal assist functions in addition to throttle power, giving you the option to choose. Our range includes pedal assist e-bikes catering for every kind of rider, whether you are a commuter needing a foldable electric bike, or you want a fat tire electric mountain bike with all terrain design - our selection will have what you’re looking for.

Nakto Fashion

Nakto Fashion
  • ✓ Lightweight and foldable
  • ✓ Perfect for urban commuters or weekend riders
  • ✓ With 20 mile range and only 48 lbs battery
  • ✓ Onboard LED display to track your statistics

Learn more about the Nakto Fashion

Rattan LM 500W

Rattan LM 500W
  • ✓ Foldable, durable and lightweight
  • ✓ Featuring regenerative IPAS technology
  • ✓ 60-80 mile range
  • ✓ Upgrade to 750 W model for extra power

Learn more about the Rattan LM 500W

ECOTRIC 48V Fat Tire Foldable

ECOTRIC 48V Fat Tire Foldable
  • ✓ On demand throttle to power you 20 mph +
  • ✓ Rechargeable battery
  • ✓ 45 mile range
  • ✓ Well tailored for all commuters or urban riders

Learn more about the ECOTRIC 48V

Throttle assist electric bikes

The throttle assist function for electric bikes is similar to that of a motorcycle - when the throttle is engaged the e-bike is propelled forward. This function allows you the option to pedal or just simply sit back, relax and enjoy the ride! An e-bike throttle assist can give you that much needed boost up a hill, or perhaps a swift start when crossing an intersection. It enables your ride to be effortless but also safer, especially when riding your electric bike in traffic and busy roads.

We have a huge variety of throttle assist e-bikes with variable speeds and in different styles. For example our Himiway Cruiser is a fat tire electric bike with throttle assist, that includes an LCD Screen Display with a speedometer and odometer to show you how far and fast you are going! This tech allows your e-bike to get places faster and with less effort; so if you’re looking for a fun easy ride down Pacific boulevard, or simply want to get home safely and effortlessly at the end of the day, throttle assist electric bikes might just be the answer you’re looking for.

Himiway Cruiser

Himiway Cruiser
  • ✓ Customer favorite and a bestseller
  • ✓ Both step through and standard format available
  • ✓ An excellent throttle assist electric vehicle
  • ✓ 60 mile pedal assisted range

Learn more about the Himiway Cruiser

Revi Predator

Revi Predator
  • ✓ Featuring a 500W engine and a 25 mph top speed
  • ✓ Features a peak output power of 800 Watts
  • ✓ Weighs only 60 lbs with the battery
  • ✓ Shimano 7-speed gear shift system

Learn more about the Revi Predator

Nakto Cruiser 300W

Nakto Cruiser 300W
  • ✓ Built to withstand all terrain and tricky surfaces
  • ✓ Nakto's #1 bestselling electric bike
  • ✓ 4'' fat tires can take you up to 28 miles
  • ✓ Onboard LED display to track the bikes statistics

Learn more about the Nakto Cruiser 300W

Helmets & Gear - Stay protected on the road!

Bern Hudson Helmet

Bern Hudson Helmet
  • ✓ 6.6 Lumens
  • ✓ Micro USB Rechargeable and lasts up to 10 hours
  • ✓ 3 Light Modes (Steady, Flash, & Pulse)
  • ✓ Water Resistant

Learn more about the Bern Hudson Helmet

Predator DH6-Xg Full Face Helmet

Predator DH6-Xg Full Face Helmet
  • ✓ Ensures protection of your full head
  • ✓ Modern and futuristic look
  • ✓ Lightweight and comfortable
  • ✓ The riders choice amongst racers and elite riders

Learn more about the Predator DH6-Xg

CLIQ Smart Taillight

CLIQ Smart Taillight
  • ✓ Must have bicycle reflector light
  • ✓ Can be attached on your e-bike or backpack
  • ✓ App control is innovative and user friendly
  • ✓ Includes a theft alert function

Learn more about the CLIQ Smart Taillight

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