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Electric Scooter Black Friday Deals 2023

Black Friday Electric Scooters Sale 2022

About E-Scooters this Black Friday

Electric Scooter manufacturers in the past year have definitely taken a turn towards improving quality, while users are prioritizing longevity and endurance over cheaper and more affordable products, which we saw during the demand spike of COVID-19. This Black Friday we are bringing you a few things that we believe, as experts in the field are going to help all our holiday shoppers find the best quality for price range electric scooter models on the market. From leading brands such as Nanrobot, Segway, Voro and Levy, we want all our EBC riders to get the best products available to them – and the best DEALS!

For more information on which e-scooter brands are running Black Friday sales and Black Friday/Christmas Sales early, contact a member of staff at 1-877-347-5283 or send us an email at A lot of our leading escooter brands have launched black Friday sales early and will be running sales from the start of November.

Important Factors: E-Scooter Features

Safety Features and Important Factors to consider about e-scooters black Friday

✓ Safety: Staying safe on the road is our #1 priority for all our EBC riders. While everyone is excited to give their newest escooter a test after opening their Christmas present, don’t forget to wear a helmet! We have a wide selection of Helmets and Gear for all our customers to shop from, to ensure you’re protected. We recommend riding on dry and non-busy roads for non-commuters. For commuters and city users this holiday, always corner carefully, stay well clear of vehicles by the edge of the road, and wear padding for maximum safety.

✓ Endurance: Range is important when considering your first electric scooter. We recommend all users look to purchase an electric scooter that can handle 2-3x their typically journeys length in range. This is to account for unexpected route adjustments, cold weather battery loss and to save you having to charge your escooter every day, because we all forget from time to time!

✓ Features and quality: The features of an escooter can be vital before buying your holiday gift. Think about the tire type and durability (depending on your surroundings), the range of the model, whether it’s seated for longer distances, the width of the platform, the ride modes and the top speed. All the specs of an escooter play an importance in your ability as a rider to enjoy and exhaust their best assets and enjoy your ride.

✓ Terrain and compatibility: Arguably the most important factor, alongside the features, is making sure your escooter is going to be tailored to your requirements. For those in Northern or tropical climates, ensure your scooter is water resistant by checking with a member of the team. The tires, whether off-road or street, are vital to your commute and day to day ride. If your city or location has rougher roads, be sure to make sure your tires are compatible.

Off-Road E-Scooters – Black Friday Best Sellers

Nanrobot D6+ Product Page

Nanrobot D6 - $1490

Nanrobot’s D6+ electric scooter model is our customer favorite Nanrobot e-scooter. With immense power, dual suspension and high-speed capabilities. It’s an up-market top of the range model for riders looking for the added thrill.

Top Features Include:

✓ 2 x 1000W Motors

✓ Weight capacity: 300 lbs

✓ 40 mph top speed

✓ ECO and Turbo mode

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Nanrobot D4+ 2.0 Product Page

Nanrobot D4+ 2.0 - $1399

The model prior to the D6+ model, the D4+ 2.0 electric scooter still remains Nanrobots top seller. More affordable and still capable of reaching long-ranges and high speeds. Equipped with 2 chargers and a 300 lbs payload capacity.

Top Features Include:

✓ 35 to 40-mile range

✓ Front and rear EBC Disc brakes

✓ On-board display

✓ 10’’ hybrid pneumatic tires

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Kaabo Wolf King GT Pro Product Page

Kaabo Wolf King GT Pro- $3,595

The Kaabo Wolf King GTR Pro is one of the most tolerant and powerful electric scooters on the market. Built with immense power in its 2x 2000W motors and 50 mile, this off-road electric scooter can combat trails, grass and rough roads with its 11 inch off road tires.

Top Features Include:

✓ Front and rear hydraulic brakes

✓ 50-mile range

✓ Front patent hydraulic shock absorber

✓ TFT Display

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City E-Scooters – Black Friday Best Sellers

Voro Emove Cruiser 1600W Product Page

Voro Emove Cruiser 1600W - $1,499

The Voro electric scooter collection is a market pioneer and a common sighting on the streets of cities in the US. The 1600W electric scooter model is a 52V battery powered long range escooter model. With a wide platform and multiple ride modes it’s a jack of all trades for students and commuters.

Top Features Include:

✓ 50-62-mile range

✓ 10’’ pneumatic tires

✓ Hydraulic spring suspension

✓ 33 mph top speed

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Segway Max G30P Product Page

Segway Max G30P - $899.99

The newest and most powerful model and replacement of the Segway ES4 model. Built for durability and distance. The G30P Max Segway scooter is made for long commuting distances, weekend adventures or regular e-scooter users.

Top Features Include:

✓ 40-mile range

✓ 350W brushless motor

✓ 10-inch pneumatic tires

✓ 3 ride modes

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Hiboy S2 Pro Product Page

Hiboy S2 Pro - $498.99

The Hiboy S2 Pro electric scooter is a powerful long-range electric scooter. A student and commuter favorite. Foldable, lightweight, and durable compared to many of its peers. 10’’ rubber tires and a wider platform for added stability.

Top Features Include:

✓ 25-30-mile range

✓ Weight: 36 lbs

✓ 2 Speed modes

✓ 350W hub motor

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Bestselling Kids E-Scooters 2023

Mototec 800W Product Page

Mototec 800W - $799

The Mototec 800W electric scooter is a fat tire e-scooter that is built to resemble the Bat Mobile! With a 250 lbs weight capacity and a 13+ year old guideline, it’s ideal for teenagers. This e-scooter does have a widened seat and increased stability with its thick tires to ensure safety while riding around the local neighborhood.

Top Features Include:

✓ 22 mph top speed

✓ 10-degree hill climbing capabilities

✓ 5-15-mile range (weight dependent)

✓ Teenager favorite

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Razor E90 Glow Product Page

Razor E90 Glow - $199.99

The Razor E90 Glow is every kids’ birthday or Christmas dream! With neon red flashing lights, it’ll be. The hottest kids’ gift on the block! With 60 minutes of use and only a 10-mph top speed, it’s a safer and lighter e-scooter than the other Razor models. The E90 Glow is foldable and great as a road trip companion o trips with the family.

Top Features Include:

✓ Ages: 8+

✓ 120 lbs payload capacity

✓ 60 minutes of run time

✓ Weight: 21 lbs

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Hiboy S2 Lite Product Page

Hiboy S2 Lite - $369.99

The Hiboy S2 Lite electric scooter is built for light riders and young teenagers. While it is built to combat shorter distance, it comes with a more affordable price tag at $299. Easy to control and one of the lightest e-scooters at only 21 lbs.

Top Features Include:

✓ 250W motor

✓ Weight Capacity: 180 lbs

✓ 18 mph top speed

✓ Foldable

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