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Evolve Hadean Electric Skateboard Review

The Evolve e-board collection has long been the pioneers in manufacturing the top tier performance and quality control electric skateboard models. With their signature models already well established amongst elite riders for a number of years, the pre-release of the Evolve Hadean Series was well overdue.

What more could Evolve have added, when looking at the style and power of the Carbon and Bamboo GTR Series of the past few years? Apparently, a huge amount of power, capabilities of climbing hills at speeds unseen before, and the new sleek style that resembles an e-board from the far future! At over $2500 for the Hadean street and AT standard models, Evolve are certainly targeting those that are enthusiastic about riding, and adamant they want the best quality for price.

With refined engineering of the highest degree (even to drift!!), testing trials, compact and protected unboxing, Evolve have always maintained their reputation for quality control amongst their top rider groups. Let’s have a look at some of the new features of the Evolve Hadean e-board - including the immense new 3000W dual motor they’ve brought to our EBC Riders!

The Hadean Carbon Electric Skateboard

Evolve Hadean Carbon Product Page

About the Evolve Hadean Carbon

The Evolve Hadean Carbon, like that of the Carbon model from the GTR Series, targets riders who like a little more sturdiness that the bamboo model. While the Hadean AT wheel edition is set to be the most popular and diverse model for riders of all-terrain’s, this e-board does come with PU Street wheel options and also a 2 in 1 edition.

The Carbon edition features a LED logo on the center of the board deck and LED lighting also under the board for added aesthetics, and like the Bamboo Hadean, the Carbon has a slightly different board deck to the GTR Series, with wider decking towards the front and rear trucks. With an immense 40 mile range the Carbon Hadean is built for commuters as well and those looking to cover long distances.

Top features include:

✓ Dual 3000W motors

✓ Top speed of 31 mph+

✓ Range of 40+ miles

✓ 220 lbs. payload capacity

The Hadean Bamboo Electric Skateboard

Evolve Hadean Bamboo Product Page

About the Evolve Hadean Bamboo

The Evolve Bamboo edition from the Hadean Series, comes with all 3 variants to choose from, the Bamboo Hadean Street, Hadean AT or the 2 in 1 combo. Traditionally, as expected the Bamboo/fiberglass combo board decking enables far greater flexibility than the carbon fiber model. Though excellent for all-terrain, the Bamboo Hadean edition is tailored to those who enjoy carving more than distance.

Without the LED features of the Evolve Carbon model, this Hadean model has the battery on display under the bamboo board decking and sits at 3 lbs. heavier than thee Carbon edition. Also featuring the immense 3000W dual motors, the Bamboo edition is equally as capable of climbing hills of a 35% gradient and at high speed.

Top features include:

✓ Evolve Super Carve Trucks

✓ 2 ply-bamboo and 3-ply fiberglass board decking

✓ 40-mile range (AT Edition) vs 24 miles (Street)

✓ Dual 3000W motors

The Hadean Release & Prices

Evolve Electric Skateboard Collection Page

The Evolve Hadean electric skateboard series are set to be released in September of 2021. Pre-order availability is limited, and this particular model is well sought after by the e-board community. Built for riders looking to make the jump from mi-tier eboards to the best on the market, the Evolve Hadean Series is without a doubt, the highest performing. From power, range, decking and style, the Hadean series is not advised for beginners, despite its multiple ride models. It’s capabilities in carving, distance and stability is unmatched.

Check out all six models by clicking the links below: 

Evolve Hadean Carbon AT

Evolve Hadean Carbon Street

Evolve Hadean Carbon 2 in 1

Evolve Hadean Bamboo AT

Evolve Hadean Bamboo Street

Evolve Hadean Bamboo 2 in 1

For more information about the Evolve Hadean series, contact an expert at 1-877-347-5283 and we’ll find the perfect combo for you! Featuring action videos and teasers, get ahold of your Hadean eboard today in time for the fall!

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