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Exway Atlas Review

About the 2021 Exway Atlas

Exway electric skateboards are long known as traditionally one of the best e-board makers on the planet. Boasting awesome specs and 1st class designs, they’re a customer’s favorite electric skateboard brand at EBC.

After the release of a bestseller, the Exway Flex e-board, Exway Board have just come out with their first off-road conqueror – the Exway Atlas Electric Skateboard. Built with integrated shred light mounts for the Standard SL200 LED lights, the Atlas e-board is the model all riders are talking about. With its new 4WD optional drive train, the Atlas is going to enable off-road riding to be comfortable, fast and also more resistant to debris and rough surfaces.

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Exway Atlas – Performance Review

Exway Atlas

Top Speed (37.5 km/h) – The Exway Atlas e-board boasts an immense top speed of 60 km p/hour which equates to about 60 km p/h. This is based on smooth riding surfaces and a rider of 155 lbs. For all inclines and rougher terrain, this e-board’s top speed may be affected.

Range (31 miles) – Also boasting an immense mileage, this electric skateboard can combat long range journeys like no other. While the traditional e-board features a range of 15-20 miles, the Atlas can dominate 30 miles on one charge.

Battery (12S4P 518 WH) – The all new upgraded 12S4P battery is the newer and more efficient upgrade to the commonly found 10S4P. The newer batteries not only hold their charge longer but are more suited for boards with regenerative braking to charge on the go.

Incline (30%+) – Exways Atlas electric longboard has powerful torque and can fuel your uphill journeys to hills that are of a 30% gradient. For those living in the Rockies or have hilly commutes, the Atlas is the perfect longboard, especially with the added 4WD option.

Exway Atlas – Best Features

Exway Atlas

Although the Exway Atlas is regarded as a 2021's newest off-road e-board, it does come with Street PU wheels or a 2 in 1 combo package for urban commuters looking to combat the city streets. The Exway Atlas electric longboard has both a 2000W (2WD) or a 3000W (4WD) immensely powerful motor designed to propel you up steep hills and over loose terrain. Generating 7Nm of torque as well, the Exway Atlas board is excellent for heavy riders of up to 220 lbs (to maintain peak performance). 

Top Features Include:

✓ Pneumatic AT wheels

✓ Street 90mm wheel options

✓ Carbon Composite board deck

✓ 4 Wheel Drive Option. 

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